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Best charging cables for your iPhone or Android smartphone

Who among us hasn’t lost a charging cable or wished you had one that was longer, more durable, or simply easier to identify amidst a sea of black and white, identical-looking cords? We’ve all been there, but what you might not know is not all charging cables are equal, and it’s important to make sure you use only reputable cables to charge your phone.

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What’s the difference between a good cable and a bad cable and what should you be looking for? Regardless of what kind of device you’re trying to charge, we’re here to tell you how to shop smart for charging cables, so read on for all that and a list of the best charging cables money can buy today!

What to look for in a charging cable

Charging cables have all kinds of connectors, different colors and varying lengths. Some cables are braided, and some will support high-speed charging. Some cables have warranties, and some cables can transfer data faster than others.

At a glance, choosing a charging cable can sound overwhelming and maybe even expensive, depending on what features you’re looking for. Thankfully, there is one thing above all else you should watch out for when comparing charging cables: power delivery.

Depending on what you’re trying to charge and what kind of power output your cable is rated for, if you aren’t buying a cable from your phone manufacturer it’s essential you buy a cable that has been certified to deliver the right amount of power to your device.

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Third-party cables, especially no-name, cheap ones, can have poor quality control or design flaws that can end up damaging your device, destroying your device, or even setting your device on fire.

These are extreme cases, yes, but it’s best not to risk your safety if at all possible. To that end, we have compiled a list of the six best charging cables out there today, which come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes, as well as support any device you might want to charge.

USB Type C Cable, Anker

Anker has been a longtime heavyweight when it comes to batteries and charging cables, and this USB Type C cable is well-deserving of the Anker name. With two braided, six-foot USB-A to USB-C cables for under $10, you couldn’t ask for better quality at a better price. This cable supports both fast sync and fast charging up to 15W as well as supports any all devices with a USB-C port.

Nylon Braided Lightning to USB A Cable

Amazon has had its AmazonBasics lineup of products for a few years now, with the idea of delivering solidly built, reasonably priced products to Amazon’s many millions of customers. Amazon’s braided, six-foot USB-A to Lighting cable does not disappoint. Coming in at under $15, the cable promises wide support of devices with a Lightning connector and a year-long warranty.

Anker Powerline+ Micro USB

For all those out there with a Micro USB device, Anker has you covered with its Powerline+ cable advertised as “The Premium Cable for Smartphones.” Coming in a host of sizes and colors, Anker promises a cable much more durable than similar USB Micro cables and offers an 18-month warranty and includes an adjustable pouch.

USB Type C Cable Fast Charging, JSAUX

Just because you may not recognize the brand does not mean there isn’t a good product on offer when it comes to charging cables. JSAUX’s two-pack of 6.6 foot braided USB-A to USB-C charging cables supports fast charge, is compatible with a range of USB-C devices.

Six foot charging cable for iPhone

OIITH has a three-pack of six-foot USB-A to Lightning cables that are perfect for iPhone fans. These cables offer a one-year warranty and support a wide range of iPhones with the Lightning connector. The price just can’t be beaten.

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable, Lightning/Type C/Micro USB Cable

But what, you may ask, should you do if you own multiple devices that require different charging cables? In that case, Anker has you covered with its Powerline II 3-in-1 cable. It comes with Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors as well as supports fast charging and comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty.

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