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Best Siri commands you need to know

Voice controlled virtual assistants (VA) are more popular than ever. They can be extremely helpful both around the house and on the go.

From turning on and off smart lights, listening to music, and getting your local weather forecast, the possibilities are endless.

Apple’s Siri has been helping people complete tasks like these since October 2011. This feature is going to be even more popular when Apple releases its HomePod later this year.

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You’ve probably already used Siri from time to time to pull up contact information for local restaurants or find directions to the nearest coffee shop. But there are tons of Siri commands that you might not even know exist.

That’s why we’re going to tell you the best Siri commands that will enhance your experience. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so they can get in on the fun.

Essential Siri commands

Most people know basic commands like, “Hey Siri, call mom at work,” or “set the timer for 10 minutes.” Those are simple requests that are easily accomplished by your VA.

But Siri is ever evolving and able to complete more difficult tasks. Here is a list of commands that you can add to your repertoire.

Recently added commands

Apple recently added these commands to Siri’s lineup:

“Get me a Lyft to PHX” – This command opens your Lyft app and gives you the option to request a ride to the airport. (Note: Use the airport’s code you’re flying out of.)

“Message Kim on WhatsApp ‘I’m on my way'”

“Skype Dad”

“Search for pictures of modern bathrooms on Pinterest”

“Send Francis $10 with Venmo”

“Did the Arizona Cardinals win their NFL game yesterday?”

“Pay my electricity bill”

Staying in touch commands

“Tell Pete I’ll be right there”

“Call back my last missed call”

“Where is Kelli?” – You can ask Siri to locate someone who is signed in to the Find My Friends app.

“Find tweets with the hashtag Hurricane Harvey” – This searches Twitter for posts discussing the hurricane.

“Tweet with my location ‘Having a great vacation'”

“Text Sandra ‘See you soon smiley exclamation point'”

“Read my last message from Rob”

“Do I have new voicemail?”

“Siri, should I call Kari?” – Ask Siri if you should call someone, like an ex-girlfriend, and see what advice it has for you.

Commands to get organized

“Remember this later” – Ask Siri to remind you about something you’re looking at in apps like Safari, Mail, and Notes.

“Create a new list called Groceries”

“Mark the third one complete” – Ask Siri to show you a Reminders list, then have it check off items as you get things done.

“What does the rest of my day look like?”

“Add Laura to my 3:30 meeting on Wednesday” – Ask Siri to send a meeting invitation to any of your contacts who have an email address.

“Set an alarm for 8 a.m. every Sunday”

“Remember to pick up dry cleaning next Tuesday”

Entertainment commands

“Play Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash”

“Play more like this” – Siri uses Genius to add similar songs to your Up Next queue.

“What movies are playing today?”

“Show me the trailer for Wonder Woman”

“Buy the latest season of Homeland”

“Are there any 3D movies playing nearby?”

“Who sings this?” – Ask Siri who sings a song that is playing on your iPhone or around you.

“Shuffle the top 10 rock songs”

On the go

“What time does Whole Foods close?”

“Find a table for six tonight in Seattle”

“What planes are flying above me?”

“Where’s a good inexpensive place to eat nearby?”

“Find a nearby happy hour”

“Find coffee near me”

“What’s the best restaurant in Chicago?”

Getting answers

“Do I need an umbrella today?”

“How is the Dow Jones doing?”

“When is daylight savings time?”

“What’s the definition of pragmatic?”

“What is a 20 percent tip on $95?”

“Did the groundhog see its shadow?”

“What’s the square root of 128?”

“What is 30 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?”

“Show me the Big Dipper constellation”

“What’s the high for Tucson on Friday?”

“How many calories are in a bagel?”

That’s it, that’s the list. More commands are constantly being added to Siri, so be sure and check back for updates. And when in doubt, just ask Siri, it might already be able to help.

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