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Best iPhone charging cables on the market

Think about everything you can do with your iPhone. It’s amazing really.

You can use it to FaceTime with family and friends who live hundreds of miles away. Use it to read email, check bank statements online, surf the internet, keep up on social media, read books and so much more.

Now imagine trying to make an important business call and your iPhone runs out of juice. You look around and can’t find the charger, or the one you do find has stopped working. This is extremely frustrating and could end up causing problems at work.

That’s why it’s important to always have a reliable charger with you at all times.

Believe me, all chargers are not the same. Many of them that you’ll find online to buy are not Apple certified and can be dangerous to use. Keep reading and I’ll tell you about some of the best iPhone charging cables available.

Extra length for flexibility

Most charging cables are 3 feet in length. You know how limiting that can be when you need to charge your iPhone. With a short cable like that you have to be careful when it’s plugged in, you can’t move around the house while it’s charging without worrying about knocking over a lamp or something else.

You won’t have that problem with this MaGeek 10 foot Apple MFI certified Lightning to USB cables. These are 100 percent compatible with iOS 11/10/9 and lets you sync and charge with speed.

This pack of two cables is available for under $20 on Amazon. Just click the link below to order yours while you’re thinking about it.

Speaking of flexibility

This Trio Charger by Komando is the only cord you will ever need. It comes with Micro USB, USB C and Lightning plugs so you can charge any phone.

It’s the only cord you need to have in your house or your car because it can charge any phone, including Apple and Android.

The compact design does away with the mess of long tangled cords. The charging source is a USB adapter, which you can use any USB power plug to connect it to a wall outlet or car charger.

You can get one from the Komando Shop for under $9.

Extremely durable cable

This Anker Powerline II Lightning cable is considered one of the world’s most durable. The company is so confident in its durability that it even comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s MFI certified to ensure your Apple gadgets are charged safely, at their fastest possible speed. This 3-foot cable is available on Amazon for under $12.

Super fast charging

Quick charge your Apple gadgets from now on. This Lightning charging cable offers 12 watts of power to quickly charge any of your Apple devices.

With 3 feet of cable and flat folding wall prongs, it’s long enough to tuck behind a night stand or give you some room to stretch out while your device is charging.

Safe and stylish

This AmazonBasics nylon braided USB A to Lightning compatible cable is both safe and stylish. Its durable nylon fiber cloth provides protection, strength and flexibility.

An additional layer of protection has been added to the Lightning and USB ends to improve durability and reduce fraying. It’s 6 feet long and is Apple MFI certified to charge and sync your devices.

You can pick one up from Amazon for under $13 by clicking the link below.

Works with most cases

Some charging cables are not compatible with many phone cases. That’s not the case with this AmazonBasics Lightning to USB A charger.

This 3-foot, Apple MFI certified cable is perfect for charging and syncing all your Apple gadgets. Its compact Lightning connector head works with nearly all phone cases and comes with an additional layer of protection to improve durability.

You can pick one up from Amazon for under $7.

Charge on the go

Quickly charge your iPhone when you’re on the go with this Lightning car charger. This cable has quick charge technology, making it one of the fastest chargers available.

It includes a 3-foot cord and the plug has a low profile design to make sure it fits efficiently in your car. You can buy one from the Komando Shop for under $20.

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