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Automatic birthday text
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Use this iPhone shortcut trick to send birthday texts for you

Special note to iPhone users, if you’re not using shortcuts, you’re missing out. Tap or click here for 10 iPhone tricks we use all the time.

One thing we’ve all certainly done is forget to wish a dear friend happy birthday on their big day. The good news is we’ve found an iPhone shortcut that will automatically send happy birthday text messages for you.

This quick guide will show you how to use this helpful tool so you’ll never be that forgetful person again.

How to use iPhone shortcuts for birthday reminders

If you’re not exactly the most technically savvy, fret not. There’s a pre-written iPhone shortcut you can use. NOTE: You’ll use the Shortcuts app that’s pre-installed on most iPhones to perform this trick. If you deleted the app or can’t find it, here’s a link for it in the App Store.

The shortcut to send birthday texts is ABG – Automated Birthday Greetings by user @robric18.

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Here’s the shortcut’s description, “ABG lets you automate the process of sending birthday greetings to friends and family. You set the greeting criteria once. Then, every time you run ABG, it will find your contacts with birthdays that day and send them a preconfigured birthday greeting. The greetings can be customized based on the recipient’s telephone country code or area code.”

Your first step is to go to the ABG link we provided above on your iPhone. Next, tap Get Shortcut. This will take you to the next page, where you select Add Shortcut. You’ll now see the Automated Birthday Greeting shortcut in your Shortcuts app library. Tap the ABG shortcut to open it and follow the onscreen instructions.

After running the shortcut, it’ll scan your contacts and preconfigure a birthday text scheduled for the day you have listed as the recipient’s birthday.

There are two ways you can utilize this iPhone tip. One would be to send outgoing birthday texts automatically yearly to the birthday boy or girl.

Advanced users might consider sending birthday reminder texts to themselves for every person in their life. All you need to do is set up a “birthday” contact linked to each name and birthday that sends the reminder to your number instead. 

One week til grandma’s birthday? You got this. You’ll never forget a family member or friend again on the year’s most important day.

Apple saves the day yet again

Why leave something like a birthday celebration to chance? If you know, you know. Sometimes, these things sneak up on us. This iPhone hack can be used for anniversaries, recurring tasks or projects, or any other long-term appointment you need to remember.

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