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Apps to make calls and text
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Save on your monthly phone bill with these apps for calling and texting

Can apps for making calls and sending texts save you money? You might be surprised. Tap or click here for ways to save money on your phone bill – and maybe even get free service.

They offer convenience and service without the excessive mark-up. The only question: which texting app should you use?

Here are some of the best apps for anybody hoping to save some cash. A word to the wise, though: all of these text and call and apps require a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Keep reading for details on the top options.

1. TextNow

Unlimited, free nationwide calling and texting? Now you’re talking. TextNow delivers and signing up takes seconds.

After choosing one of several free phone numbers available in your area, you’ll be whisked unceremoniously into this simple UI. Tap the button at the top-right or create a new text below. All of your contacts will be imported automatically after approval, and the rest is straightforward.

For a more traditional arrangement, you can double down with the brand’s SIM activation kit, delivered upon request. Service starts at exactly $0 per month, but there are a few premium options for those in want of more. TextNow is available for iOS and Android.

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2. Google Voice and Google Duo

Google Voice and Google Duo are two unrelated services that can help you cut down on your phone bill.

Google Duo allows you to forward calls from another phone number and receive them through the app or even through your web browser. You’ll also be able to send video calls, FaceTime-style.

Google Voice, on the other hand, is much more akin to a digital telephone service, albeit a free one. You’ve got a phone number, just like with any other plan, and you can use it with your preexisting book of contacts.

You’ll get free text messaging, voicemail, and, of course, voice calls, but no video calls. It might not be a dealbreaker for you, but it’s worth noting. Both are free to use. Here’s Google Voice for iOS and Android. Here’s Google Duo for iOS and Android.

3. TextFree

For free texting with no questions asked, this is a quick fix that will get you in touch with whoever you need to contact. TextFree marks your location and, after pinning down your area code, allows you to choose your phone number. You’re then free to do with it what you wish.

It’s a tremendous free texting app if you need something immediately in a pinch. TextFree is available for iOS and Android.

4. Dingtone

Dingtone allows you to make free calls with your exclusive phone number. Custom voicemail, second phone numbers, call block, and more will all be found here and free SMS and MMS. All of your messages and data will be stored locally, and all of your Dingtone contacts will be completely encrypted.

After selecting your new number, you’ve got three days of unlimited use before the premium plan kicks in, costing $5.99 per week. Dingtone is available for iOS and Android.

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