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Apple product launch 2017: What you can expect on September 12

No matter how many rumors swirl around the release of new Apple products, somehow the iPhone maker still manages to surprise everyone. That includes tech analysts whose livelihoods depend on them watching everything Apple does.

This year, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone is no different. When Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the new iPhone next Tuesday, September 12, many things about it will take people by surprise.

For starters, that includes the name. iPhone 8?

What happened to iPhone 7S? Well, like the dozens of rumors and countless online ramblings about the smartphone, and other Apple products rolling out next week, much of what you’ve heard is simply not correct.

So, here we’ve rounded up all the rumors that we either know are true about the next iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV or are very likely true. Plus, don’t forget, we’ll be live blogging Apple’s big announcements on Tuesday.

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On Tuesday, as they do every September, Apple executives will unveil a slew of new products. Keep reading and we’ll get to more of these.

But the big news is always the iPhone, right? This is what we know, and what we strongly suspect is correct about this year’s new iPhones. Yes, “S” as in multiple iPhones.

iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

Rumors have gone back and forth about Apple’s plans to roll out upgrades to the iPhone 7. However, based on what Apple’s manufacturers have been working on, we think there’s a strong possibility this will be an area where Apple surprises us. This will now be Apple’s lower-end new phones.

Still, there is always the chance that Apple will skip the 7S and 7S plus altogether.

iPhone 8

The real showstopper next week will be the iPhone 8. However, it may be called iPhone Edition or something along those lines.

Valued at $1,000 or so, the iPhone 8 will become Apple’s go-to iPhone for hardcore users and its most diehard fans. This phone will have all the bells, whistles and new tech that a lot of iPhone users feel, well, has been missing in the past several iterations of the smartphone.

Just think about the iPhone 6 family and the iPhone 7 family. Are there really significant differences? This is why Apple’s annual rollout the past couple of years has been met with, “meh” by many people.

That won’t be the reaction to iPhone 8. Its 5.8-inch screen is going to be amazing, simply put. It’s upgrading from an LCD screen to a brighter and clearer OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) screen.

Plus, the screen’s glass will wrap around the phone itself. That will make the images bolder, bigger and every other adjective that means big, bright and beautiful.

That full screen, though, means its home button will be gone. Also missing: A lock screen fingerprint reader. That reader may end up on the side of the phone or on the back.

The fingerprint sensor is also getting a major upgrade with technology called active sensing element for acoustic imaging systems. It will read your fingerprint using ultrasonic transmission.

More significant, though, is its facial-recognition reader. The iPhone 8 will scan your face for access.

The iPhone 8 will be sleek. So, no port for charging. It will almost certainly have wireless charging.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may not have taken the world by storm, like many people once thought it would. After all, “What exactly does it do?” Good question and the answer has been, probably not enough for most people to buy one.

But Apple being Apple, they are introducing improvements and letting the world slowly figure out that it’s more than just a sleek watch. The watch itself will be thinner and its not-great battery life could get a bump. It will also have new health-related monitoring functions.

However, the big news here is an LTE connection. You may know that currently to stream music, for example, you need to have your iPhone nearby. An LTE chip will allow you to use GPS for maps, send messages and stream music.

Apple TV

Do you stream content on your TV set, like Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black?” Tens of millions of people do that every day.

Apple TV is one device to do that, although arguably not the best one. If you’ve got Roku, Amazon Fire or another streaming media player, you may not see a reason to switch to Apple TV.

Siri may be one reason. You’ll get a better response from Siri now when you say something like, “What should I watch?”

The other big news? Apple TV will likely now be 4K compatible, that’s high definition TV that’s significantly clearer than standard HD because it has more pixels.

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