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Apps to make using your Android phone easier
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Free app to make smartphones easier to use for older folks

Your Android phone comes with many hidden features and tricks. Whether it’s a shortcut or an easier way to accomplish a task, there’s always something new to discover.

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While it’s nice to get more out of your smartphone, some people would benefit from a more streamlined experience. This is the goal of Chatsie, a mobile interface designed for older smartphone users.

How it works

Chatsie was founded in 2020 by George Bevis after observing his mother struggle with her smartphone. It replaces the Android interface and uses four apps to simplify menus, calls and texts while blocking unwanted notifications.

Notably, Chatsie uses text labels rather than icons. It shows only the features chosen by the user and can be edited and maintained by people the user trusts. It’s free and works with phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

Chatsie Menu


The Chatsie Menu app consists of a simple screen containing the options you choose, including apps, shortcuts, text conversations, contacts and more. It works with the most popular apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

The interface uses larger fonts and simplified notifications and controls. Approved admins can help with menu customization via a web browser.

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Chatsie Notification Blocker


Your phone has the potential to drive you mad with notifications. The Chatsie Notification Blocker app lets you dictate which notifications you’ll get while blocking all the rest.

For example, you can let call and text notifications come through while eliminating the annoying ones sent from games. You can also block pop-ups and alerts. The blocker works by cutting off internet access for any apps that aren’t added to Chatsie Menu. This can be managed remotely from any web browser.

Chatsie Texts


It can be challenging to keep track of multiple text conversations, and Chatsie Texts aims to fix that. It brings a new interface to your default SMS app, making it easier to read and write texts.

The Chatsie Texts app uses prompts and larger fonts to keep you updated with your messages and browse your contacts.

Chatsie Calls


What good is a phone if making calls is a hassle? The Chatsie Calls app provides a simple screen for making and answering calls, minus the excessive steps. Choose a contact from the large-font list and tap the name to call them.

Trusted admins can import, edit or remove contacts via the Chatsie website.

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