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Use this anti-microbial screen protector to keep your iPhone germ-free

Let’s be honest: Cell phones are filthy. Right now, you’re probably more aware than ever of how many germs may be hiding in plain sight.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, so it’s important to be more germ and microbe conscious. That means wiping things down and sanitizing everything you touch. Tap or click here for the CDC list of disinfectants that can kill coronavirus germs.

Once your phone is sanitized, you can keep it clean with less effort by using InvisibleShield’s new anti-microbial screen protector. How does it work and can it keep you safe from COVID-19 and other illnesses? We’ll tell you all about it.

How it works

InvisibleShield makes a screen protector that has anti-microbial properties built into its glass. InvisibleShield boasts it can keep 99.99% of surface bacteria from its protector.

Since the anti-microbial properties are built into the glass instead of sprayed on, it won’t wear off. The screen protector will stay sanitary and help keep your phone clean as well.

The Glass Elite VisionGuard+ is also made of the strongest glass InvisibleShield has ever developed. It makes your phone screen four times stronger, preventing shattering and expensive phone repairs.

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It also boasts unique layers. The surface layer is treated in such a way that it deters fingerprints, leaving your display looking clean. The next layer is the “Eyesafe Layer.” This helps block high-energy visible blue light, which can harm your vision and make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Can it stop the coronavirus?

We mentioned Glass Elite VisionGuard+’s anti-microbial properties. COVID-19 is a microbe, so it makes sense that this screen protector can help keep you from directly touching, and eventually getting, the virus, right?

Well, we can’t definitively say that because the protector hasn’t been tested with COVID-19 and you shouldn’t leave things to chance.

According to a third-party test with E. coli and staph bacteria, there’s usually an 82% overlap between bacteria on a person’s phone and the bacteria on their fingers.

That means when you touch your phone, you put yourself at risk of picking up bacteria and viruses that made their way onto your phone and vice versa.

With the Glass Elite VisionGuard+ screen protector on your phone, you greatly reduce the number of microbes you’ll be touching, meaning you have fewer chances of transferring germs and getting sick — but those chances are not zero.

COVID-19 lives on surfaces for anywhere from 24 hours to several days. Another important thing to keep in mind is the Glass Elite VisionGuard+ only covers your screen, not the whole body of your phone. The rest of your phone still needs to be cleaned regularly. Tap or click here for ways to disinfect your smartphone.

A screen protector won’t protect you from the coronavirus, but one with anti-microbial properties can at least help deter germs from pressing against your face when you make calls or touch the display.

This anti-microbial screen protector can help you stay sanitary, but don’t rely on it to do all the work for you. The best way to stay safe is by washing your hands regularly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds and regularly disinfect your devices.

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