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Android Auto to be a built-in feature for new car models?

We’ve been telling you a lot about connected cars. It’s a huge trend that will soon change everything about the way you drive.

This week, Google took a giant step toward taking over every function in your car with a major change to its Android Auto system. Specifically, it made a change to the way car makers can integrate Android into their cars’ systems.

The big news is that you won’t need to use your Android phone to connect with your car. You can use Android in your car just like you do on your phone. You can toggle from weather to music to your car’s thermostat.

You can also use its voice-activated Google Assistant to help you out. “What’s the weather forecast?” “Can you play Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry?'”

It will do more than that, though. You’ll be able to open and close windows, turn the heat or air conditioning on, adjust your seats and a lot more. You’ll be able to access apps like Spotify and Google Maps and others from the Google Play Store.

Audi and Volvo revealed at this week’s Google I/O developer’s conference that its upcoming models, starting in 2019 or sooner, will incorporate their systems with Android. The cars will use their branding but use the Android OS to control most functions. Other car makers are also working to use Android in their cars, including Fiat-Chrysler.

Tip within a Tip: How to get Android Auto in your car (and why you want to!)

Watch this video to see Android Auto in action in Audi’s Q8 Sport concept car.

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