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Absolute best apps for your Android

You love your apps. We all do. Just think about how many times a day you tap apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, Skype and so many others.

Unfortunately, you know the downside of apps. You end up clogging up your smartphone and slowing it down with dozens of apps.

The problem is, if you’re like me, you have so many apps that you never use. That’s understandable.

When you hear about hot, new apps, you download them. And, why not? It’s easy to do from the Google Play Store. Many apps are free. Plus, individual apps don’t typically take up a lot of space on your phone.

At, one of our goals is to save you time and money when it comes to everything digital. That includes apps. Here, we’ll tell you about five Android apps that you’ll love and use all the time.

These five apps are among the award winners at the recent Google I/O 2017 developers’ summit. We selected FREE apps that we use from those winners. You can download them right from the Google Play Store.

Note: Before you add more apps to your phone, delete some. The way to do that might vary a bit on your Android phone, but try this: Tap on the Apps icon on your home screen >> click on the sprocket – circle with eight points – in the upper-right corner >> tap on the little X next to apps that can be deleted.

Learn a New Language

We all benefit from new technology in so many incredible ways. Just think about how easy it is today to talk to your family, including face to face, even if they’re halfway around the world.

One other benefit, which you may not be taking advantage of, is FREE online classes. For example, you can sit in on lectures by ivy league professors.

Your children, grandkids or you may be taking high school classes or earning college credits online. Often, these classes are free.

Another great learning tool is the FREE app Memrise. We’ve told you about Memrise before. It’s worth another mention since winning the Best App at the Google Play Awards 2017.

The app teaches you words and phrases in other languages. It uses games. You can talk to chatbots and watch videos.

You can learn 14 languages, including French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Norwegian and Polish. It was developed and is taught by linguists, native speakers and language experts.


 Memrise: Learn a new language- screenshot thumbnail  Memrise: Learn a new language- screenshot thumbnail  Memrise: Learn a new language- screenshot thumbnail

Stay Fit

There are so many fitness apps that you can’t possibly keep track of them all. Which is where comes in. We’re always on the lookout for free, effective apps to help keep you healthy.

We think you’ll like the Runtastic Running & Fitness app. It won the Best Wear experience at Google I/O 2017.

Note: You can get the free Runtastic or Runtastic Pro for $4.99.

Runtastic tracks how far you run, how fast you run, how many calories you’re burning and more. You can also see on a map where you’ve run.

 Runtastic Running & Fitness- screenshot thumbnail

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Create Applets

If you have a techie streak in you, you’ll love IFTTT. It stands for If This Then That and you pronounce it as “ift.”

You can customize your apps to respond to certain conditions. For instance, if you’ve been looking for a motorcycle on Craigslist, you can use IFTTT to alert you when one is posted on Craigslist.

Or, you can set up an alert to let your family know when you’re at the grocery store. You can use it to control appliances and electronics with your voice, incorporating Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

IFTTT won the Best Accessibility award at Google I/O 2017. It works with apps like Instagram, Twitter, Google Home and others. Check out this YouTube video to see how it works.

For the Kids (and the Kid In You)

Animal Jam – Play Wild! was developed by National Geographic and WildWorks. It’s a game that’s designed to teach you about the natural world.

It takes place in a fun 3D environment where kids create their own animal characters. They can play games, interact with animal friends, build dens and experience the natural world. It’s fun and educational.

 Animal Jam - Play Wild!- screenshot thumbnail

Make a Positive Impact

Apps are great tools to learn, play games and communicate with family and friends. Apps are also great ways to share your good fortune with less fortunate people.

One app that helps you do that is Share the Meal. It’s the Google Play 2017 Awards winner for Best Social Impact. It’s free, although it will cost $0.50 to pay for an entire meal for a hungry child.

ShareTheMeal is part of the United Nations World Food Program. It’s easy to use, it’s relatively inexpensive and it’ll almost definitely make you feel good for making the world a better place.

What Android apps do you love? Let other readers know in the comments.

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