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A dinosaur roams in Chrome

We’ve all been there. You are so accustomed to Wi-Fi connections being just about everywhere that, well, you can get a little grumpy when it goes down.

You might be one of those people, like me, who growls every time your Wi-Fi connection goes kaput. The problem is, you need that connection.

You may be working on an important personal document while at Starbucks. You may be working or doing school work at the public library, the airport or McDonald’s, using their Wi-Fi.

Good news. Now, there’s a fun way to spend those few minutes of downtime when the Wi-Fi you’re using goes down.

It’s a fun, addictive, super-easy-to-play game that Google has inside its Chrome web browser. It can be tricky to find, but now you can play it almost anytime.

Bonus: Keep reading for your chance to play the T-Rex Dinosaur game.

Chrome Game in Android


Play the T-Rex Dinosaur Game Now

Google has a sense of humor, or at least it doesn’t always take itself too seriously. That may be one reason the giant corporation is beloved, with billions of people regularly using its Google search engine, the video channel YouTube, Google Chrome and more.

One example of that sense of humor is the T-Rex Dinosaur game. It’s a game that you can play when you’re disconnected from the internet. Plus, these days, you can play it anytime if you have the Chrome extension.

You’re familiar with Google’s T-Rex, right? See the photo above. It’s a little, fun image that pops up when you’re using Chrome and the Wi-Fi is down.

When that happens, you can play the game. Open a new window and, when you see the T-Rex, tap your spacebar button.

The dinosaur will start running. You use the spacebar and arrow keys to jump over cacti.

It’s a running game. The objective couldn’t be simpler – jump over the cactus plants or get squashed!

Bonus: Click on this link to play a simulation of the game on this website.

T-Rex Chrome Extension

If you use Google’s Chrome web browser, you probably know about extensions. These are little applications that help you do very specific, personalized activities when you’re online.

You might use extensions that alert you to coupons when you’re shopping, for instance. You may use extensions that let you play games.

One of those game extensions is the T-Rex Dinosaur Game. You’ll have to be using Chrome to download the extension.

Once you do, you can play the game whenever you want, even when you’re connected to the internet. It’s fun.

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