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7 best podcast apps for Android and iPhone

Everyone has a podcast, right? It sometimes seems that way.

Well-known actors have podcasts. Comedians, fashion icons, sports anchors and reality TV stars have podcasts. Many of the major personalities you listen to on the radio have podcasts.

When it comes to your digital life, whether it’s your Facebook account, your smartphone, news about tech companies or something else, there’s only one place to go. Actually, there are four.

Do you know that Kim Komando hosts a few podcasts? These are informative, fun and quick bites of digital news that you can access from any internet-connected device.

Podcasts are simply recorded, radio-style shows that you stream on your smartphone, tablet, PC or smart speaker. You can hear Kim’s insights into technology anytime of day, no matter where you are.

Komando On Demand

This podcast is your best resource to listen to Kim Komando whenever you want. Kim Komando Explains is quite different than the “Kim Komando Show” that you listen to on the radio.

Kim interviews tech experts on Kim Komando Explains to provide additional insight directly from Silicon Valley about new technology and similar topics. Kim also tells you about the most important tech news that’s happening right now. Not only is it light-hearted, but it also zips by! It’s pure entertainment mixed with the tech news you need.

One listener said, “Kim delves into the important tech stories and issues that impact each and every one of us. It’s a great way to stay informed in our constantly changing tech world.” Another listener said, “Kim’s podcasts are the best researched and the production quality surpasses any other content in the podcast universe.”

Consumer Tech Update

This one-minute, weekday podcast is bite-sized but informative. Kim Komando talks about the day’s tech headlines. It goes fast, but that’s sometimes all you have time for.

It’s similar to scanning through Facebook for the day’s big news stories, only it’s Kim Komando talking tech. Click here to listen to Kim Komando Daily Tech Update.

One listener said, “When tech headlines are overlooked in the mainstream media, I turn to Kim’s podcasts to stay up-to-date.”

Here are the 7 best apps to find my podcasts anytime

iTunes and Google Play are probably the most well known sites for music and podcasts.  You can access iTunes at or download the app from the Apple store.  For Google play, go to and click on Apps.


Click here for Komando on Demand


Stitcher is one of the most popular podcast platforms. You can access it online at or you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play store.

It’s free if you don’t mind ads. There is also a premium version with no ads (start with the free trial).

Here’s where to find Kim Komando’s four podcasts on Stitcher:

Click here for Komando On Demand

Click here for Consumer Tech Update


You can sign up for Spotify for free on its website and Apple or Android apps.  Then click on the browse button on the left and type either of these:

Kim Komando Explains

Kim Komando Daily Tech Update


TuneIn is a popular podcast platform, notably for sports fans. But you can sign up to listen to radio stations and podcasts, like Kim’s four podcasts.

Click here for Komando On Demand

Kim Komando Daily Tech Update

Player FM

Player FM is a cloud-based podcast platform found at Player FM and for Android users on the Google Play store. Here’s where to find Kim Komando.

Kim Komando Explains

Kim Komando Daily Tech Update


You can find Overcast at Overcast.FM or in the App Store. Here’s where to find Kim Komando.

Click here for Komando On Demand

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