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6 FAQ about RemotePC that you need to know now

We’ve been touting the great benefits of our sponsor RemotePC for years, because we know how important it is to be able to access your home and business computers when you’re away. Still, we get questions from time to time like, “What else can I do with RemotePC software?”

What a great question. You need 100% accessibility to your system and all the functions/capabilities that come with it, so let us shed light on other things you can do with RemotePC.

Note: If you’re a regular listener, then you‘ve more likely heard Kim mention RemotePC on a frequent basis. To us, they are not just a sponsor, but a trusted partner that we depend on to keep us connected wherever, whenever. RemotePC allows you to access/manage your computer from anywhere and using any device. Click here to learn more about RemotePC and how you can get 90% off your first year at, use promo code Kim.

Here are common questions (with answers, of course!) that people ask about RemotePC.

Can I print documents on my remote computer?

Absolutely, RemotePC allows you to print documents and images that are on your remote computers from wherever you are.

To print, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the RemotePC application and log in.
  2. Connect to an online remote computer, and establish connection.
  3. Select the file on the remote computer that is to be printed.
  4. Open the document and use Print command (or Ctrl+P) to print the selected document.
  5. Select “RemotePC Printer” in the window and click “Print.”
  6. Select a local printer when prompted, and click “Continue.”

Can I use the RemotePC application via VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

Yes, you can use the RemotePC application via VPN. It allows you to create a secure connection between the local and remote computer and the connected computers act as if they are in the same network. Thus, users experience no lag during a remote session, and can work as if on their own computer.

To use RemotePC via VPN you will need,

  • An active Internet connection in both the local and remote computer
  • VPN configured in both local and remote computer
  • VPN enabled in the local computer
  • With the above requirements, RemotePC automatically detects the VPN and establishes a connection between the local and remote computer.

Can I end an ongoing session when my computer is getting accessed?

Definitely, with RemotePC you can end an ongoing session when your computer is being remotely accessed. When a remote computer connects to your computer, a message will appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can end the session and deny access to the remote computer by clicking “End Session.”

How can I rename or remove configured computers from my account?

To rename a configured computer,

  1. Launch the RemotePC application and log in.
  2. Right click on the computer name and click “Rename.”
  3. Type a new name in the text field and click “Rename.”

To remove a configured computer,

  1. Launch the RemotePC application and log in.
  2. Right click on the computer name and click “Remove.”
  3. Click “Yes” in the confirmation window.

You can only remove the computers that are online or offline.

Can I drag and drop or copy files/folders between my local and remote computer?

Yes, you can drag and drop files/folders between your local and remote computer during an ongoing session. Also, you can copy multiple files from the remote computer to your local computer, or vice versa. You can securely transfer files across multiple platforms, i.e., from Windows to Mac or vice versa.
For Windows, you can also copy and paste files/folders for transferring them between remote computer and your local computer.

How can I configure proxy settings to use the RemotePC application?

To configure proxy settings, right-click the RemotePC tray icon and select “Proxy Settings.”

The following are the available options:

  • No Proxy: This is a default setting.
  • Auto-detect: Select to get the proxy settings automatically.
  • Manual: Select and configure the proxy server name, port and authentication details.

RemotePC offers real-time remote access to PCs and Macs from anywhere! Get access to your home or office computer anytime even when telecommuting! Get 90% off your first year at, use promo code Kim.

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