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5 tips to make the most of the Google App on your phone

When it comes to making your life easier, never underestimate the power of Google. From the smallest tasks to larger ones, Google can execute them without effort. Yes, there is a variety of applications available to assist you, but there is no need to rely on multiple apps when the Google App on your phone can carry out the activities for you.

With over 1 million actions to try, the Google App on your smartphone brings the world to your fingertips. All you have to do is ask Google for the information.

How to get the Google App? You can download it from the Google Play store for your Android, or App Store for iPhone. Once installed, you can set up the app for voice recognition, get real-time updates on news, weather and other interesting happenings. Be sure to explore the app using the assistant.

From the home screen, click ‘Updates’ then scroll through the ‘Explore Using the Assistant’ section:

Here are a few things you do with the Google app.

Find out what’s in your food

Have you ever wondered what’s in your food? Of course, there are labels on grocery items to help identify ingredients and nutritional value. However, when you are uncertain about a food item and are unable to find the dietary information, give the Google App a try.

Within the Info about Food section of the Health & Fitness category, you can either type or speak your request, and the nutritional info you requested will appear. How many calories in a cup of coffee? One per 8 fluid ounce. Carbs in lasagna with meat? Nineteen grams per 1 piece side. The Google App will have you looking at food in a new light.

Know where the traffic is before you get there

You’re in a hurry and cruising down the highway to only come upon a traffic jam or accident, causing your late arrival to your destination. In the hopes of avoiding this situation, most know Google Maps will assist you along your route, but are you aware the Google App is also efficient in providing you with traffic info?


You can now avoid speeding tickets with Google Maps


Entering your desired destination into the Travel & Transportation heading of the Google App will show where traffic is  along your route. Adjusting the settings in your map also allows you to see the terrain or observe the area from a satellite vantage. This section can likewise be used to perform other tasks such as obtain directions, check flights and find ground transportation.

Track your packages and deliveries

Waiting for the delivery of a long-awaited package can be excruciating. An entire day can be spent with time ticking away. If you are exhausted from watching the clock or you are concerned about a package arriving while you are away, let the Google App help you out.

You can locate your expected package or delivery from Amazon and other companies by ‘talking’ to UPS, DHL or Simply ask Google to track a package from your specific carrier and the app will display your delivery service option where you can enter the tracking number and receive the latest delivery info.

Know when places are busy before you get there

Your stomach is growling so loud it’s deafening, so you head up to your favorite restaurant only to find the place packed with a two-hour wait time. Save your stomach and avoid the lines with the Google App.


Enjoy the restaurants you see on TV when you travel


Asking for “popular times” at whatever restaurant you enjoy will not only show you the current wait time, but also how long most people stick around. In addition, it will display each day of the week broken down by hours so that your visit will be void of long lines.

Find local places by saying, “OK Google.”

Looking to change up your dinner plans but have no idea where to go out to eat? Let the Google App grab some restaurant options for you. Saying “OK, Google, find local restaurants” will give you plenty of choices. If you prefer a flavor, such as BBQ or Chinese, say so, and Google will bring up those around your area.

This search feature is not limited to restaurants, as the Google App can find any number of places including pharmacies, retail shops and post offices. Who knows, maybe you will discover a new favorite hangout or store, all thanks to Google.

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