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5 things only your iPhone can do (and Android can’t)

Welcome to the game of phones, where the battle for mobile device supremacy rages on. Of course, the two top contenders are iPhone and Android, with this being the corner for Apple’s golden child. When comparing the platforms, iOS brings the smackdown with its superior capabilities.

If you are cheering for Apple, read on my friend. Android devotee? You may want to head around to the other side of the ring. If you are finding it difficult to locate using your Android, try Google Maps.

Now on to the main event. Want to know what makes Apple so outstanding? Why the iPhone deserves “the best” title? Here you go:

iMessage is not an ordinary texting app

Round one: When it comes to communicating, the iPhone has an edge with its iMessage app. This highly regarded feature permits users to send messages across various devices including a MacBook and the Apple Watch. Other features such as sending money via Apple Pay, sharing your location and viewing whether your recipient is replying in real-time.

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And, because iMessages are transmitted using cellular data or Wi-Fi, they are not counted as traditional text messages. This method of sending data eliminates iMessages from going against one’s monthly text messages allowance with their cellphone carrier.

The iPhone reduces the threat of potentially harmful apps

Round two: The iPhone platform comes out swinging with its stringently controlled App store. Allowing its users to download apps only via the store helps eliminate the threat of PHAs – Potentially Harmful Applications. Gaining access to third-party apps is simple with Android devices via its open-source model, but that can be hazardous.

This ability to download apps from multiple sources increases the risk so much, in fact, that according to Nokia Threat Intelligence Report, 47.15% of all malware infections are found on Android devices. The report further states malware samples have increased to almost 20 million malware samples, which are a 31% increase over the last year.

Apple’s ecosystem makes linking devices simple

Round Three: The iPhone is one element of the extraordinary Apple ecosystem. Linking your mobile device with other components such as your iPad, MacBook, AirPods and the Apple Watch is pretty effortless.

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iMessage, FaceTime, even web browsing can be shifted between your iPhone, MacBook or Apple Watch without missing a beat. Android, on the other hand, lacks continuity between their products, leaving the platform in Apple’s dust.

Apple Music contains 50 million tunes

Round Four: With a vast library of 50 million tunes for the streaming service, Apple Music crushes the 30 million songs boasted by Google Play Music. In addition to offering a more extensive selection of songs, Apple Music allows a user to search for a tune by lyrics.

Of course, this feature is fantastic when you know a line or two but can’t come up with the title. Regrettably, Google Play Music lacks this capability and would once again require an additional app for this search function.

iPhone cameras are easy to use

Final Round: We all know Apple has maintained its number one position in the camera category for years. Apple continues this reign with the latest model, iPhone XS. Using its dual 12MP wide angle and telephoto cameras and Smart HDR, among other features, ensures great photographs even for the most inexperienced photographers.

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Once again, Android is late to the table on this one. Although the company tries to keep up with Apple’s camera technology, it falls short, sometimes, in epic fashion. Rumor has it the newest Android device, Samsung S10+ could give Apple XS a run for its money. Bring it on!

So over all, if you have an iPhone, you know you made the right choice. Have fun with your super phone!

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