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5 things only your Android phone can do (and an iPhone can’t)

OK, wait! There is a battle royale going on in the game of phones between Apple and Android? Not one to brag, but how can that be when the Android platform is clearly the winner with 88% of the market share? And, Android users don’t break the bank when purchasing their mobile devices. Mic drop.

With its legion of users and an infinite number of features, Android brings quantity and quality, leaving the iPhone in its dust. Nothing left to do but hand Apple its participation sticker.

So, for all you Android fans, here are a few features you can embrace as you perform your victory dance:

Simplifies storage needs

What to do if you need additional storage for your vast collections of files on your smartphone? Well, if you are an Android enthusiast, you know your options are plentiful. You can free up space using the “Free up space” button. Alternatively, if you’re interested in expanding your storage, up to 400GB, it is as simple as purchasing an SD micro card and inserting it in the SIM card slot or tray.

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On the other hand, an iPhone user does not have this opportunity to expand storage via an SD card. His or her choices are limited to purchasing a case that contains extra storage, inserting an iPhone compatible thumb drive into the lightning port, or wireless external hard drive. None of which sound convenient or cool.

Saves you money

Concerned about going broke buying a smartphone? No need. Having the most affordable operating system in the world, an Android shopper can choose from a range of prices and smartphone manufacturers. Want a Samsung, Motorola, or LG smartphone? Go for it, they are there for the picking that will not blow your budget.

iPhone users are not so lucky. According to a Statista report, even though “Apple is the second largest smartphone vendor globally it has the highest average ($610) selling price for its devices.”

Offers an extensive ecosystem

While Apple continues to keep its network closely bound between its signature products, an Android smartphone provides an unmatched degree of freedom when it comes to its diverse ecosystem. As an open-source model, Android users have an ever-expanding realm of compatible devices, across a multitude of brands, at their disposal.

Let’s face it; there is no reason to be tethered to an ecosystem, such as the iPhone’s, that limits connections to the latest and greatest technology. Whether it be home devices, wireless headphones, laptops or smart TVs, Android OS makes compatibility issues virtually nonexistent.

Allows a variety of customization options

When it comes to Android, consumers can customize almost every element of their smartphones. By using any number of the 3 million-plus apps available, including launchers, such as Nova, one can make changes to the home screen, default browser and just about everything in between.

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Whereas, Apple’s interface, on the other hand, is mostly locked down, preventing such a high degree of customizing of its iPhone. In essence, you get what you get.

Provides a world of apps

In addition to allowing for the customization of one’s smartphone, an Android user can choose apps from either the Google Play Store or third-party providers. Seeking ways to simplify a task? Android has an app to help you out. If for some reason you cannot find the app in either the Google Play Store or third-party sources, you can create your own.

Unfortunately, if you are an iPhone user, third-party apps are restricted to navigation and unwanted communications. Apple also prohibits you from creating an app and installing it on your smartphone. Android users everywhere take delight in the iPhone’s exclusive strategy, as it ensures Android will retain the game of phones title indefinitely.

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You know you are a die-hard Android fan and rely on it for just about everything. However, there is a variety of tricks you may not be aware of that will have you falling in love with your Android even more.

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