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3 work from home mistakes you’re making

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Presented by LinkedIn

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We’re beyond the two-year mark of working from home here at There’s a good chance you’re not far behind.

All these months later, you might still be making a few mistakes that make getting your job done harder than it needs to be. Hopefully, by this point, you’ve figured out Zoom or whatever video chat program your company uses.

Tech aside, what about the way you work? Are you making any of these mistakes?

1. Never getting up from your desk (or couch)

Say it with us: Get up! Sitting all day is hard on your body in many ways. Staring at your computer screen without breaks is tough on your eyes, and we know you’re slouching in that office chair. If you’re on the couch, ouch. That’s even more reason to get up.

Here’s a quick tip: Use a reminder app or extension built to help you move. Every hour, take a lap around your home or walk to the end of the driveway if the weather permits. Your body and your mind will thank you.

2. You work in pajamas every day

Don’t get us wrong. One of the big perks of working from home is more relaxed attire. Unless you work in a formal setting and can’t get by without a button-down shirt, it’s great to work in a T-shirt, activewear or a hoodie. But resist the lure of pajamas! There’s something about putting on “real” clothes that helps your brain get into work mode.

3. You’re trying to do every single thing yourself

The pandemic has been challenging, and most businesses are tightening their belts. There’s a good chance you’re getting by with less, but don’t fall into the trap of taking on too much for too long. It’s not sustainable and there’s a good chance you’re not putting out the best possible product if you’re doing the jobs of two or three people.

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