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Use these social media marketing tips to grow and improve your small business
Small business

8 DIY social media marketing tips to grow your business

There’s a ton of great advice online for small to medium business owners. You’ll find all sorts of social media marketing tips, along with guides on how to handle employees, make products people love and more. On the other hand, many online marketing geniuses share tips that worked for them — but might not apply to your particular situation.

That’s why we’re sharing a few general marketing strategies all SMB owners should keep in mind. If you’re completely new to marketing, you might want to get a general grasp on it before honing in on social media marketing in particular. Tap or click here for a few free ways to learn digital marketing.

Overall, try not to focus solely on likes, shares, and comments. These are vanity metrics — not sales. In this tip, we’ll break down the biggest misconceptions people have about marketing small businesses on social media. Plus, use these eight DIY social media marketing tips to grow your business.

Give people a way to laugh with you

One of the most effective methods of connecting and building relationships with your audience is humor. Whether it be poking fun at yourself or your industry, adding it to social media marketing can improve your bottom line by ensuring your brand stands out and is memorable.

Several big brands including Charmin, Denny’s and Old Spice are well-known for their comedic posts. Here’s an example:

Tag products or services in your posts

The use of shoppable tags in social media posts can turn engagement into conversions. With images, lookbooks, videos, and editorials containing actionable purchase points, you simplify the path from browsing to purchasing for customers. These interactive elements provide a convenience consumers need in today’s e-commerce. Crate & Barrel excels when it comes to tagging products in its blog posts.

Offer social-only discounts (This is one of our top social media marketing tips)

Another method of growing your business through social media is to implement the use of social-only discounts. In addition to having a built-in appeal, an exclusive online offer has an innate call to action. The promotional options are endless and can encompass coupons, free shipping, or flash sales such as the BOGO promo from

Share your product and company videos

Social media has become cluttered with more and more brands competing for consumers’ attention. To further build your brand using social media, consider amping up your game with videos about your product and company.

To increase your conversion rates, use of high-quality, exciting and persuasive visuals are critical. In the example below, Coca-Cola combines appealing images with a powerful message.

One of the best social media marketing tips we can give you: Earn trust by providing reliable products. Create ads that leave people feeling good.
Coca-Cola has mastered the art of brand marketing. It uses icons like Santa Claus to earn your trust. | USA Today

Curate other people’s content

Here’s a tip that will not only help strengthen your business but save you time in the process. Sharing the content of others with your audience will eliminate the need for you to create content yourself.

(Note: It is best if you add meaning and context to the curated content.)

If you choose to share existing content, you must give credit. REI is recognized for sharing content across the company’s Twitter feed.

Share behind-the-scenes stories

To grow your business, you need to build trust with your consumers, which can be accomplished through transparency.

Incorporating behind-the-scenes stories into your social media will demonstrate to your audience you are human and have nothing to hide. Businesses like Canva, that are willing to disclose the good, bad and sometimes ugly will have an advantage over those companies that are secretive.

One of our top social media marketing tips: Show your company’s culture

Posting images or articles that showcase your company’s culture allows the audience to get a personal view of what your business is about. Include photos from a group outing, employees celebrating a milestone, or a holiday gathering.

Post articles on what makes your business distinctive from its competitors. Sharing a regular stream of company culture images is second nature at Social Sprout.

Use user-generated content

Although similar to content created by peers in your industry, user-generated content (UGC) is crafted by fans or unpaid contributors. Encourage your customers to share their experiences, whether it be with your product/service or material your audience may appreciate.

While Buffer (social media scheduling tool) highlights its photos and personalities of its users from around the globe, Wayfair showcases photographs from customers with its newly acquired home furnishings.

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