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Small business security 101: Do you need a server?

Presented by Dell Technologies

Presented by Dell Technologies

Find the best tech for your business with Dell.

Data is the lifeblood of every business. From your clients’ contact information to your internal documents, proper storage, backups and security is key. 

You need a place to store all that data, and the cloud might not cut it. You may need to upgrade to a physical server.

Do you need more processing power, memory and hard drive space? The answer is likely yes if your team is growing, you want to work remotely and you need to securely store data. And what business doesn’t?

Keep reading to find out if you need this business upgrade. Need help finding the right solution? Look no further than our sponsor, Dell. Call 877-ASK DELL or visit to get help for your small business.

What’s a server? Do I need one?

Let’s start with the basics. Servers can be a little confusing because the term can refer to both hardware and software. We’re talking about hardware here. A server is hardware you use to share data, resources, and distribute work across a network of computers.

So, do you need one? Here are a few factors to consider.

  • You need to share information or software with two or more employees.
  • Employees or clients access common resources and applications.
  • Your apps and software require a lot of processing power or generate a lot of data.
  • You handle sensitive data.

If you nodded along with any of those, here are a few things to consider when shopping for a server to support your business.

  • Understand you have options for your servers: You can use a physical dedicated server on premises, rent one from a data center, or rent a cloud instance (which is a shared resource with others).
  • You have options for backups: Physical device (on or off-site), backup cloud instance or a hybrid of both for extra protection — especially if one goes offline for any reason.
  • Consider scalability: Your hardware needs to grow with your business, especially when you start getting more traffic.

You also need to consider whether you’ll have redundant power in case of an outage, a plan for configuring and regularly verifying backups, and the resources to keep your servers clean and cool.

At Komando headquarters, we use Dell servers. Dell prides itself on providing its customers with security, manageability and reliability.

It makes it easy to find what you need, too. Don’t waste your time scrolling through pages and pages of options or reading website after website to make a choice you’re not confident in. 

After all, your needs are as unique as your business, and you need to find the right equipment for you.

Dell can expedite your research and help you find the perfect solution for your business — no matter your needs. Get the answers you need over the phone or through chat. Call 877-ASK DELL or visit to get help for your small business. App background

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