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Small biz tip: How to see your competitor’s website traffic

We all know that having data on competitors can support your business. But how do you find the information that you need? Tap or click here for five smart ways to make more money and find new customers.

Sometimes, the data of others isn’t exactly easy to come by. Other times, you might have the data itself, but there’s so much of it that it becomes indecipherable. That’s where this tool enters the fray. It’s a web research tool that solves both problems.

What is SimilarWeb? What does this tool have to offer your small business SEO strategy? It’s surprisingly simple, and the wealth of information this tool provides may very well be game-changing.

How to use SimilarWeb for small business owners

The SimilarWeb dashboard comes equipped with a ton of web traffic tools. Where is the best place to begin? Before signing up, you can visit this site and plug in any URL. With a premium account, you’ll also be able to use other unique features on the back end.

The tool’s Competitive Tracker feature is precisely what you’re looking for, as it summarizes your competitor’s incoming web traffic by source. You will get a glimpse into who is visiting your competitors and get a taste of the true heavyweights in your industry.

Things like referral sources are made abundantly clear through this interface. It’s an in-depth perspective showing you exactly where the best in the game do their business. After getting your fill, you’ll be able to emulate what you see for your own company’s website and strategies.

The site’s data is directly measured through first-party analytics of millions of websites and apps.

According to the site, “We extrapolate the tens of billions of digital signals gathered each day into an ultra-high-resolution picture of everything happening online. Fueled by AI algorithms perfected by a team of over 200 top data scientists and 50 PhDs.”

Does your site’s information need to be updated?

Some users report that the data on this site may sometimes be outdated. For this reason, the creators allow domain admins to link up their Google Analytics accounts, which provides the site with a more granular, recent version of your site’s data. 

By doing so, you’ll earn verification, and the verified traffic can then be used to convert new clients or present to your stakeholders. You can also edit your domain’s clerical info by hitting the pencil icon at the corner of your company card.

To get the most out of this tool, you must sign up for a paid subscription that costs $167 monthly.

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