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Applying for jobs? Use this browser extension to skip the annoying application process

COVID-19 had a serious impact on the economy over the last year and a half. Now that millions of Americans are vaccinated, things are beginning to open up again. But that doesn’t mean we should drop our guard completely. The Delta variant is spreading quickly. Tap or click here to track this new, dangerous variant.

With the job market reopening, there are plenty of great opportunities available. But applying for employment may seem like a full-time job in itself.

Thankfully, there are many great tools out there to help you find that perfect position. In fact, there is a browser extension that you should look into. Keep reading for details.

Helpful job search browser extension

To simplify the exhausting application process that you may typically go through, job search company Ladders has rolled out a new extension for Chrome. This tool allows you to enter your basic information once, then apply for jobs on many popular career sites with a single click.

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This extension, called Ladders Apply4Me, “ends tedious trawls through job application forms – forever,” as described on the Chrome Web Store.

According to Ladders, “With a single click from any jobs site, careers site, or job application page, our expert team will complete your application, send you a notification, and record your status on your dedicated Ladders’ Premium dashboard.”

How to sign up and use Apply4Me


Using the extension is easy. All you do is submit your resume and answer the 17 most common questions once. After that, you click on the Apply4Me button, and the rest of the application is completed for you. Simple enough, right?

To sign up, go to the Ladders website and create an account. When creating your account, the tool will ask what you do, current compensation, desired compensation, and your desired job title.

Then put in your name (first and last) and ZIP code. The final step is that you enter your email address and create a password. Once that information is entered, your account is created and ready to go.

Luckily, this extension is run by humans to verify the information. Your resume can be used with online forms to websites like Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Ladders’ own site. When applications are submitted, Ladders sends job applicants a confirmation email.

If there is a job that you don’t like, unlike the easy apply button and it is quickly removed. Each day you will receive an email confirming applications that were sent and received, along with any responses from those companies. 

Companies will receive your resume, application form, and details so that they can reach out to you personally. 

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Unfortunately, the extension doesn’t work perfectly for every job application. You may still have to answer additional questions, depending on the position. Companies may ask unusual questions that need to be filled out by the applicant. You can decide whether you want to do this yourself or have Ladders add a note asking for follow-up questions for these topics.

If you’d like more from Apply4Me, you can also subscribe to Ladders’ premium plan, which costs $29.99 per month or $12.99 per month if prepaid for a year. Click here to add the Ladders Apply4Me extension to Chrome, or follow the link provided below.

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