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Set up alerts to see what your customers are saying about you

You know that brand identity and popular opinion matter if you own a business. Recommendations from existing customers can go a long way to increase business, so what customers say about you is crucial information you can use to promote your brand.

But how do you know what customers are saying about your business besides asking them directly? Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to track information using a tool that’s become a household name, Google.

Google Alerts is a handy way to track conversations and see what your customers like and dislike. Here’s how to set up alerts to see what your customers say about you.

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So, whats the point?

Google Alerts allows you to track keywords across the internet and alert you when they are mentioned. This could come in the form of bad reviews, which you can then respond to in hopes of saving business. You can also change or fine-tune parts of your business that caused the bad review, for example, long wait times in a restaurant.

Alerts aren’t subjective, so you’ll be notified of any mentions of what you are tracking, whether it’s good or bad. If you are wondering what you should be setting Google Alerts for, we have some suggestions:

  • Business name
  • Industry
  • Competitors
  • Business name + review
  • Your name
  • Common business keywords, think quick delivery, 24-hour service and more

If you choose to get alerts about competitors, you can see what customers are saying about them and use this information to better your own business. Tracking common business terms like 24-hour service will allow you to find new customers and fine-tune your services.

How to set up Google Alerts

Knowing what to track is essential, but you’ll need to set up the service. The good news is Google Alerts is entirely free, making the feature even more enticing. Here’s how to set it up for your business:

  • Head to
  • Login with the account you want to use to track alerts. Your business account is the best choice.
  • Choose keywords to track
  • Select Frequency. You can choose immediate or schedule them for when it’s conveniant for you
  • Select your sources. Social media isn’t an option but you can still track blogs, news outlets and other websites
  • Choose the region. This allows you to keep your alerts local, where your business is located
  • Choose Only the best results or Everything. Google can sift through results for you or you can do this yourself
  • Select Create Alert

Once you’ve created the alert, you are up and running. You’ll now receive alerts for whatever keywords you select. You can create new alerts in the future by going through the same process.

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