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Hiring? 5 LinkedIn myths debunked

Presented by LinkedIn

Presented by LinkedIn

Visit and, for a limited time, post a job for free.

Fact: Hiring the right person can be tough. With countless companies working remotely, an already challenging task — finding your next superstar employee — is even tougher.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and with the right tools, you can make hiring simple.

Kim’s pick when it comes to adding to the team at Komando HQ? LinkedIn. Keep reading to find out why LinkedIn can help businesses of any size add the right people. And for a limited time, visit and get $50 off your first job post.

Myth 1: LinkedIn is too expensive. I’ll pay less using free job boards online.

Pricing on LinkedIn is flexible, starting as low as $5 a day. You’ll save even more in time. Post to those free boards and you’ll waste more hours than you can count sifting through resumes and manually rejecting unqualified applicants. With LinkedIn, you’re not just posting one job, either. You’re using a robust recruiting system that can help you promote jobs, connect with candidates and build up your company’s identity.

Myth 2: LinkedIn is only for business professionals.

You may have preconceived notions of who uses LinkedIn and who doesn’t. It’s not just CEOs. More than 80 million skilled and hourly workers, 46 million students and recent graduates, and over 12 million professionals identified as contractors are on LinkedIn. When you post a job, you’re opening it up to that entire network.

Myth 3: LinkedIn is only for big companies.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. With LinkedIn, companies big and small can connect with candidates. You’re leveling the playing field and going head-to-head with those big companies to find the best talent. In fact, LinkedIn says 87% of professionals are interested in joining a small business. Plus, you get access to analytics and other resources to get the most out of a small budget.

Myth 4: I’ll get more candidates from job boards.

Free job boards may, in fact, attract more candidates — but that’s not necessarily a good thing! LinkedIn matches your jobs to candidates taking their skills, experience and interests into account. You can also pre-screen candidates based on questions of your choosing. Right from the beginning, you can rule out anyone not right for your role.

Myth 5: LinkedIn is only for passive candidates and networking.

LinkedIn is used as a networking tool and, sure, there are lots of people there who aren’t actively looking for a new job. But LinkedIn says 90% of its members are open to the right opportunity. About 25 million people view jobs every single week. To narrow things down, you can filter your search by “Open Candidates” to find people most likely to respond to your job posting.

If you’re hiring, LinkedIn really is a no-brainer. So, what are you waiting for? Find the right person for your business with LinkedIn Jobs. You can pay what you want and get the first $50 off. Just visit Terms and conditions apply.

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