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Google Calendar daily agenda
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Stop missing video meetings: Use this secret Google Calendar setting

Video meetings are practically unavoidable — and missing a call is just as bad as not attending an in-person meeting. Since they’re virtual, though, they’re easy to forget. Those days are over with this secret setting: Google Calendar daily agenda feature.

You can get an automatic rundown of your daily schedule whenever you log in for work. You don’t even have to open Google Calendar to use this free tool. Tap or click here for 12 more Google Calendar tricks.

We’ll show you how to set up a daily agenda with Google Calendar. Then we’ll explain how it will help you boost productivity in your work and personal life. After this tip, you’ll never miss another video call.

Why Google Calendar daily agenda is so useful

Many workers start the day by checking Google Calendar. It’s a simple way to keep track of appointments and meetings. This tool helps you organize your daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

You can use this tool to keep on top of responsibilities. This includes:

  • Meetings.
  • Holidays.
  • Deadlines.
  • Daily tasks.
  • Work events and more.

You can also use Google Calendar with Microsoft Teams. This way, you can share your schedule with others and create multiple calendars you and your team can use together.

However, there’s a way you can be even more productive. You can check your daily agenda without even opening Google Calendar. Instead, you can have Google send daily emails about your schedule. This saves valuable time in your busy day.

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How to make Google Calendar send a list of daily tasks to your inbox

It’s pretty straightforward: It all comes down to a setting inside Google Calendar. It’s turned off by default. Just follow these steps to turn it on:

  • First, open Google Calendar.
  • Then, select your calendar on the left-hand side. Click the three vertical dots.
How to email your daily agenda to yourself: Set Google Calendar to email you every day at 5 a.m. so you can quickly see what you need to do.

Next, select Settings and sharing.

Productivity Google Calendar daily agenda hacks to try in 2023: Get a tasklist each day at 5 a.m. straight to Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail.
  • On the new page, scroll down to the Other notifications heading.
  • Notice the Daily agenda feature. By default, it’s set to None.
Does Google Calendar have a daily planner? Absolutely! Follow these steps to send items from your daily agenda to your email inbox.
  • Click None to open a drop-down menu. Here you’ll see another option: Email. Select it to turn on the daily agenda emails.
The Google Calendar daily agenda will send a daily tasklist to your email each day at 5 a.m. Use these handy tech tips to manage Calendar events in Gmail.

Just like that, Google Calendar will send you daily agenda task lists at 5 a.m. This makes life much easier. Now you’ll have a quicker start to each work day!

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