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The ultimate tool to find the right software for your business

Presented by Capterra

Presented by Capterra

Be more productive in 2020 and visit for free, today, and find the software tools you need for your business.

Searching for software can be a difficult and often confusing process. You may be aware of a few pieces of software, but you’re not an expert on all of them and you don’t know which one best fits the framework or primary needs of your business.

While there is almost an infinite number of business software options to choose from, picking the right ones for your needs can be difficult.

Our sponsor, Capterra, can help with that. Perfect for businesses of any size, Capterra offers a guide in the best and most budget-friendly B2B software for any business at no cost.

What is Capterra?

Introduced in 1999, Capterra is a free B2B software platform that helps businesses find the right software for their needs.

It gives users the freedom to browse and compare software across numerous services and categories. Think of it as a one-stop comparison shop that presents you with the best options and allows you to make side-by-side comparisons for faster decision-making.

Capterra also serves as a peer-to-peer platform. You can read reviews left by previous users and confidently make your final decision on software that is trusted by others in your line of work.

How to use Capterra for your business

GPS tracking software is a key component for running a business that involves a fleet of cars or heavy equipment. In a business that centers around transportation, in all its forms, the most important assets are obviously your vehicles and your drivers.

Knowing where they are and where they are supposed to be is crucial to your business model. Finding GPS tracking software that meets your needs and standards can be a grueling and never-ending search — but it doesn’t have to be.

Normally, you would have to visit four different websites to compare four different pieces of software. That’s not the case with Capterra. One site gives you access to reviews, ratings and prices of four companies at the same time. And the best part is, it doesn’t cost you a cent!

Here’s what we found:


Based on our search and Capterra’s ratings, these are just a few of the top-rated GPS software systems available. Capterra has more than 700 categories so you’re sure to find the right software for your business. Visit today to find the right tools to make 2020 the year for your business.

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