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Why you should be using an Amazon Business account

Owning a small business can feel a lot like juggling, except new balls are constantly flying your way. With so much to keep track of, you’re often scrambling to keep everything up in the air. That’s why resources that take work off of your hands can make a world of difference.

Unlike Prime, Amazon Business doesn’t come with free videos, but you exchange that for a ton of business-friendly benefits. You can share payment accounts and shipping addresses, set approvals, integrate with new purchasing systems and more. You also get exclusive benefits, like time-saving features as well as business-only pricing on certain products.

Overall, Amazon Business is tailored to serve small business owners like you. In this handy guide to Amazon Business, we’ll tell you just how it can save money, simplify your workflow and even take some grueling work off of your plate.

The benefits and perks of an Amazon Business account

Since there are discounts only for Business members, there’s a lot of money for you to save. Not only that, but you can also sell products to businesses, saving cash you would otherwise spend on outreach and marketing campaigns.

Oh, and you can also sell services as well as products. For instance, say you’re a software developer. If you’re having trouble finding work, Amazon Business can connect you with companies that need your expertise.

Speaking of job hunting, did you know that on LinkedIn, anyone can see your searches? If you’re unsatisfied with your current job and want a new one, your boss knows you are searching for a replacement. If you want to keep your activity private, tap or click here for the one LinkedIn setting you’ll need to change.

How is it different from Amazon Prime?

To make a long story short, Prime comes with entertainment benefits like Prime Video, Amazon Music and Prime Reading. None of that is included in the Business membership plan. On the other hand, you won’t get work benefits with Prime.

With Amazon Business, you’ll be able to access Amazon WorkDocs, Guided Buying and Spend Visibility. The last two tools make a world of difference for business owners since they let you visualize your buying and spending habits in real-time.

With Amazon WorkDocs, you can work with your team on business documents like invoices and receipts. It’s a great alternative to Google Docs, a free collaboration tool that isn’t as secure as Amazon WorkDocs.

Just like Amazon Prime, you get some great shipping benefits

All membership plans come with free one-day shipping on millions of products.

Afraid you’ll miss out on Amazon Prime Day? Worry not. You can access Prime Day Deals as well as Prime Early Access to Lightning Deals.

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This is great when you’re restocking the supply room or buying tech gadgets for your team. Most small business owners buy a ton of products for their businesses.

Make sure you don’t buy them with a personal account, though. Create a separate business account for accounting, bookkeeping, teamwork and more. You’ll thank yourself later during tax time.

Amazon Business is a great standalone space that helps you separate your personal and professional lives. Plus, it can make work so much easier.

Buying from one source makes a world of difference

If you’re buying products for your business, you probably have a few different sellers you keep track of. For example, let’s say you run a mobile pet grooming business. You might buy your shampoo and conditioner from one company, while another provides the scissors, trimmers and pet brushes you need.

When working with multiple companies, you need to keep track of all the little details about each partner. Maybe the company that sells your scissors never answers your calls or emails when you need help. Maybe the shampoo company is always closed on random days, leaving you high and dry when you need to restock.

Over time, dealing with multiple sellers can be exhausting. Each company has its own methods, which may not match your needs. When work is crazy and you’re running low on products, you don’t have time to recall every little detail about the way your supplier does business. You need your products now, no matter what.

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That’s where Amazon Business can help. It lets you consolidate all the products you use for your business. Instead of buying different products from unique sellers, you’re grabbing everything in one place.

This can make your work life so much easier. By buying everything from the same place, you’re simplifying the restocking process. That lets you focus on the fun stuff … like making money!

To sign up, hit this link and make your account.

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