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5 mistakes hurting your small business

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5 mistakes hurting your small business
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Every business owner wants to grow their business to its full potential but every day it seems like there is a new problem, issue or challenge to overcome just to get from point A to point B.

In a world that runs on ever-changing technology, it's important that as a business owner you recognize technology is a critical piece in the recipe of building and sustaining successful growth. What if you could just focus on your business values and mission, and not worry about figuring out which technology, tools, services and products would be the best fit for your business? Dell can help.

Dell has been Kim's choice for years and she recommends Dell Small Business Technology Advisors as a solution for all your small business technology needs. Here are the top causes that keep small businesses small, and how Dell Small Business Technology Advisors can assist you with keeping up in today’s fast-paced technical environment.

1. The right equipment

Are you using the best tech equipment for your business and do you know which laptops, tablets, storage and networking devices will help you the most to propel your business to new heights? What’s great for one business may not be the best optimal choice for your unique small business.

Dell Small Business Technology Advisors can advise you which products and solutions are right for the specific business needs that allow you to be more productive and efficient.

Dell's Latitude 7200 2-in-1 can be a lifesaver for a growing business that needs both a portable tablet one minute for taking inventory and then the next minute needs a lightweight laptop with a detachable keyboard to create a PowerPoint. With the right products and equipment at your fingertips, you can take your business to the next level.

2. Small business cash flow

While growing a small business, cash flow can sometimes be unpredictable and it could take years to get to a point of stability and predictability. You may feel pressured to have certain technology in order to achieve your goals and hit your projected growth target, but you also want to make sure you have the cash flow for your business.

That’s why Dell Small Business offers flexible financing with multiple options, including low monthly payments, that help build your credit and get you the technology you need now, all while keeping your cash flow open for other things your business may need. Get the right technology for your business at an affordable price.

3. The best tools and services

All businesses eventually come to a point when it becomes necessary to use more than just a spreadsheet or notebook to keep track of everything. With growth often comes the need to change the way you manage your customer database, inventory and storage solutions. An all-in-one business laptops such as the 15" Vostro 5590 from Dell is the perfect combination of performance and flexibility to help manage your business.

You need the right technical tools and the right technical services that would allow you to expand, track and manage your growing small business. With the hundreds of different tools and services available today, Dell Small Business makes it easy by recommending the right tools and services you need to move forward.

4. Technical support

You’re excited about an upcoming presentation to a potential big client and when you go into your laptop you just can’t get anything to work the way you want to. On your way to the coffee shop, you accidentally drop your tablet — the screen is now cracked and you can’t get it to turn on.

So much can happen on the journey to grow your business. Whether your computer crashes, you drop your tablet or you just need help converting a file to a different format, Dell Small Business has the solution.

Pro Support Plus is 24/7 hardware, software and accidental damage support for your small business. The best part is they are based in North America and will help you with all your technical support needs. With Pro Support Plus you know you are going to be taken care of. They'll get you back up and running as soon as possible.

5. Small business challenges

Technology moves quickly and sometimes keeping up with the latest innovative products and solutions seems impossible — especially with all the time and effort you put into keeping your business running. Dell Small Business Technology Advisors will pair you with a dedicated tech advisor. They'll be there to help you through your journey as your business grows to the next level.

The tech advisor will answer all your questions and help you understand your technology challenges, then offer solutions to overcome them. There will come a point in everyone's small business when it's time to either upgrade your servers or implement a brand new server solution to keep up with growth.

Will you know which server solution will be the best for your business? Servers like the PowerEdge T340 from Dell are great for growing businesses who want to scale.

Dell has been Kim's choice for years. When it came time to purchase servers here at WestStar Multimedia Entertainment, Kim chose Dell.

Kim recommends Dell Small Business Technology Advisors as a solution for all your small business technology needs. Talk to a small business advisor today and make sure you are getting all the right products that make sense for your growing business.

Technology is the key to growth and Dell Small Business can help you get there. Get a free technology audit from Dell Small Business.

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