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Sponsor Content: Protect your business one cyberattack at a time

Sponsor Content: Protect your business one cyberattack at a time

You've worked hard to get your business where it is. You gave up your nights and weekends, sacrificed your free time and even lost sleep worrying about the success of your company. That's why you never want to fall victim to cybercrime. You don't need anything to make it harder.

Whether you like it or not, cybercrime is here to stay. In fact, it's the fastest growing crime out there. In a recent podcast, we shared how cybercrime can ruin you forever, but what about your business? The truth is, for a business, it's even worse.

Businesses have become the primary targets of cybercriminals these days. Scammers rarely waste time on individual bank accounts anymore. Why bother? It's not worth it when you can hack into the database of an unsuspecting business, and get thousands of credit card details, social security numbers, email addresses, and other personal details of their customers.

As a business owner, it's up to you to keep your security at its best to protect your customers' private information. So here are three types of cyberattacks you need to watch out for, and how you can prepare for them.

1. Ransomware

Take a moment and ask yourself: What would happen if your company files were suddenly unavailable? Chances are you rely on computers, whether it's for finances, transactions, inventory management, making documents or to run business-specific software. If something were to happen to a critical computer system, you might be out of business for days or even permanently.

But that's what ransomware does. It allows hackers to hold your computer files hostage. The only sure way to get your computer files back is to pay the hackers a ransom, hence the name. The ransom can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Some viruses will raise the cost of the ransom over time to convince you to pay right away.

How to stop it:

Internet security software: Your best option to defeat ransomware is to keep it off your computers in the first place. Security software is essential for this, as it will block most attempts by hackers to slip viruses on to your system. If a virus does get downloaded, security software can often stop the virus before it causes too much damage.

Run regular updates: Keeping your operating system and web browser up to date is also critical. Security holes in these areas can let hackers bypass your security software to slip files on to your system. Microsoft issued 13 security patches earlier this year, six of which were critical. Click here to learn more about these patches, and stay up to date on security announcements by following Komando.com/happening-now.

Have a backup plan: Hopefully you know that having one copy of your important files is bad. One stroke of bad luck, or even a moment of insanity with the Delete key, and it's gone for good.

Having two copies of a file is better because if one is destroyed the other one is more likely to survive. However, for mission-critical business files, you really should have three. While it still isn't impossible to lose all three copies at once, it's very unlikely.

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