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10 documentaries on Netflix that will teach you how to make more money

Everyone loves a good Netflix binge. But before you hit play on the sitcom you have on repeat, consider making your TV time more productive. The streaming service has thousands of different films and shows to choose from, and some make for a terrific learning experience.

The documentaries genre is well-populated on Netflix, with everything from true crime dramas to fast food experiments. Check out the business sector to get your fill on finance, politics, tech and more. These 10 options are ready to stream so queue them up!

These 10 options are ready to stream so queue them up! Enjoy!

Generation Startup

This documentary follows six 20-somethings that move to Detroit to work for several startups. It explores the city’s notorious struggling economy and the risk associated with entrepreneurship. Each entrepreneur is highlighted at their respective company and opens up about the difficult decisions made to follow their passions.

We’re Not Broke

“We’re broke” became something of a catchphrase among politicians during the Great Recession. “We’re Not Broke debunks this misconception and examines the process of multinational tax evasion by major American corporations. Scholars, financial executives and every-man protesters come together to explain the confusing notion that some of the world’s richest companies funnel their money off-shore and through fake storefronts in order to remain so wealthy.

Capital C

“Capital C” spotlights the recently revolutionary practice of crowdfunding a company, project or event. Entrepreneurship’s previous requirement of investors is significantly diminished when you can so easily market to strangers via the internet for the financial support of your vision. Businesses that launched due to such initiatives on sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe are featured and analyzed by industry experts.

Catching the Sun

This film delves into the worldwide concerns of global warming, sustainable energy and solar power. From nearby California oil plants to far-flung Chinese mega-companies, “Catching the Sun” underscores the universal need for a greener planet. Plants on American soil are highlighted for their much-needed benefit of job creation in low-income neighborhoods, speaking a universal language to the locals.

Inside Job

“Inside Job” breaks down the 2008 financial crisis from start to finish. Industry experts, academics and politicians look back on the United States’ economic history, weigh in on how we managed to arrive at another global financial tragedy and who on Wall Street caused the crash. Actor Matt Damon narrates.

Super Size Me

A perfectly healthy man documents his choice to eat nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days to study the epidemic of worldwide obesity. The effects of this 2004 documentary changed the way people look at fast food corporations and even spurred legal action against them.

The Business of Being Born

Hospital birth, epidurals and Cesarean sections are the new local norm. Midwives and home births are all but taboo in the United States, though quite popular almost everywhere else in the world. “The Business of Being Born” explores that anomaly and the business practices done by American hospitals to monetize and control the birthing process.

Print the Legend

“Print the Legend” spotlights the booming 3D printing industry. Market pioneers MakerBot now face large-scale competitors to remain the leading innovators in a future full of robotics and at-home manufacturing technology.

The True Cost

A team dives deep into the fashion industry and the impacts it has on westernized society and the developing world. “The True Cost” takes a harrowing look at the life-threatening conditions of sweatshops that make it possible for rock bottom clothing prices and fast fashion trends.

Boom Bust Boom

When you need a break from heavy documentaries filled with complicated language, turn to “Boom Bust Boom.” It tackles the strengths and pitfalls of the U.S. economy, but with a twist. Humor, animation and even puppetry are incorporated in breaking down the serious subject matter into something that can catch everyone’s eye.

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