March 18, 2023

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‘Scambaiting’ w/ Trilogy Media, facial recognition hits U.S. stores and three signs your printer is hacked. Plus, ChatGPT-4 will soon be everywhere, even in cars. But hold on, I’ll explain why this may not be good news yet. Also, watch out for Bluetooth skimmers at the self-checkout to protect your financial information. And I’ve got the scoop on earwax-sucking headphones, money-saving smart water devices, and why you should stop giving your phone’s address book to apps.

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In the second hour

eBay’s dead bats, Venmo shares dirty little secrets and items Amazon won’t let you return. Plus, take an incredible pic of the moon on your Samsung phone? It might not be all you. Also, I share how Google’s newly introduced “Magic Wand” tool will change the workplace. And want to fact-check news from home or earn real college credits on YouTube? I got you covered. Don’t miss my guide to detecting GPS trackers in your car.

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In the third hour

Airbnb’s guest chore lists, Fortnite’s $245M settlement, and find smartphone spies. Plus, phone, drone and a daring rescue — I talk to the man who did it all. Remember your old TV? It’s part of a class-action lawsuit and I’ll tell you how to get your slice of the action. Tesla app unlocks stranger’s car, three apps for a healthier you, and my answer to this question: What’s the safest way to store naked pictures of my wife?

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