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Late Amazon Prime delivery? Here’s what you could get for free!

Amazon Prime has evolved since its 2005 rollout with a number of perks, including some you may not even know about. But the primary benefit is still that fast and free shipping.

The retail giant continues to grow and Prime members get free two-day shipping on literally millions of items. And depending on where you live, you might be able to score free one-day or even same-day delivery. But no service is perfect.

Even with the (recently increased) $119 annual fee, those guaranteed delivery dates can occasionally be delayed by a number unforeseen circumstances. Sure, it can be inconvenient to wait an extra day or more on something promised to arrive quickly, but did you know Amazon might give you something for your trouble?

Your Amazon Prime delivery is late

Amazon typically keeps your order status up to date, letting you know where they are in the process and what day your package is supposed to arrive. You can even follow more specific tracking information in most cases.

Amazon order status shipment page

And then it happens. The order page is updated with the dreaded message reading, “We’re sorry your package is late.” Then you resign yourself to watch for additional updates and hope for the best. But there’s more you can do.

In their customer service section, Amazon spells out their guaranteed delivery terms and conditions. But this is where it gets murky. Until recently, it used to be much more clear regarding what happens if Prime deliveries are late. But that particular part has been wiped from the page and all that remains is information regarding the possible refund of shipping fees.

Will they or won’t they make it up to you?

Your Prime delivery is late, so now it’s time to reach out to their customer service department via their contact us page. The guaranteed delivery terms and conditions used to spell out that if the Prime delivery date isn’t met, you may be eligible for a free one-month extension of Amazon Prime. You can see that note below, which was archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Amazon previous guarantee Prime delivery

Now it’s unclear if that free month is a given. Since that disclaimer was pulled from the customer service page, Prime members have reported different outcomes when reporting a late delivery. Some say they haven’t been so lucky, while many Prime members said they were still given that extra month.

So even though it no longer appears on a page that wasn’t well known to begin with, you still might get that extra month of membership for your trouble. But you’ll need to reach out to Amazon and mention you know about it. Keep in mind though – regardless of whether they still honor that perk, it won’t ever apply to circumstances Amazon deems out of their control, such as “a strike, natural disaster, or severe winter storm.”

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