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Use this money-saving trick to get a major discount on Amazon products

Whether you like the company or not, Amazon is still one of the best places to shop on the web. The product selection is vast, the shipping is top-notch and the deals are some of the most competitive in the nation. Click or tap here to see our holiday shopping guide.

But as good as the deals are on Amazon, the company tends to pull out all the stops when it comes to its own products. Items like the Fire TV Stick and Amazon Echo often offer excellent deals and promotions, which is bad news for competitors like Google and Facebook.

But now, users have discovered a secret new way to order that stacks even more savings on Amazon-branded products. If you’re ready to save big on Alexa-equipped items and smart home enhancements, here’s one simple trick you can use the next time you go Prime.

‘Alexa, serve me up some savings.’

According to new reports from, Amazon has equipped users with a secret discount that can save you up to 40% on any Fire TV or Echo smart speaker products. The catch? You’ll have to ask Alexa.

That’s right. By ordering a product by voice via Alexa, Amazon will automatically add a special discount to the item you’re ordering. All you need to do is issue the following command:

Alexa, I’d like to order the [Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra]

(you can substitute the item in the brackets with whatever you’re trying to order)

If you go to your shopping cart, you’ll see the discount already applied. One user in the UK reported getting 39% off their purchase when they ordered a Fire TV Stick, but any Fire TV or Echo products are eligible for the discount.

I don’t have any Alexa-enabled products. How can I get the discount?

Believe it or not, you’re still able to snap up the discount so long as you use Alexa — no matter what method you use to talk with her. For folks who don’t have an Echo speaker or Fire TV remote, the best method is to use the Alexa App on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Simply download the app, set it up with your Amazon account and give Alexa your order. Your discount will still apply.

Click or tap here to download the Alexa app for Android.

Click or tap here to download the Alexa app for iOS.

Bonus: Want the fun of a Fire TV Cube for a fraction of the price?

CNBC Tech: Amazon Fire TV Blaster
Source: Amazon

Amazon also recently released a new accessory for its Fire TV family of products called the Fire TV Blaster, which lets you control the rest of your smart home gadgets with the power of your voice.

Normally, if you only have a Fire TV Stick, you’re limited to Alexa commands when the device is running. This attachment equips your Fire TV Stick with always-on Alexa controls, much like the pricier Fire TV cube. With it installed, you can even turn on your TV just by asking Alexa to do it.

And yes, the Fire TV Blaster is eligible for the discount. Just make sure to ask Alexa to order it for you.

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