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10 unique, customizable Father’s Day gifts from Etsy

Somehow, it’s already June, and that means Father’s Day is coming up. It’s a little tough to visit stores in many places now, so you might be uncertain about what you’re getting dad this year.

Thankfully, the internet and online shopping exist. Tap or click here for 4 online shopping safety tips. But what if you want a homemade touch or some personalization to your gift?

For a well-crafted gift, we highly recommend Etsy. You can search the site yourself, or check out the list below for some of our favorite Etsy products for the dads you want to honor this Father’s Day.

Personalized wallet

A beautiful leather wallet can be a great gift, as it will likely be used every day. Make it even more special with a personal message on the inside of the wallet, and maybe get your dad’s initials or name on the outside!

Grill tools with a customizable case

Know a dad who can’t wait to grill every summer? Get him some great tools to use, with his name, or a special message to him on the case!

The tools and case they come in are all made of bamboo, and reviews say they’re of incredibly high quality. So get that inside joke, or “Happy Father’s Day” message engraved on the case, to make a practical gift a little special.

Portable, custom Bluetooth speakers

For a more tech-focused dad, we recommend getting some mini wooden Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are rechargeable, and you can choose what kind of wood they’re made of in the Personalized Moments Etsy shop.

You can also get a name, initial, or other text engraved on the top of the speakers for a little personal flair. Enjoy the many designs available, along with powerful speakers that can play music from your phone from about 30 feet away!

Custom leather desk pad

If your dad has to be in the office a lot, try getting him something classy he can keep at his desk. We like this custom leather desk pad, which protects desk surfaces and supports computers, keyboards, and notebooks.

Get an engraving of text straight on the desk pad, or on a patch, which can have black, silver, copper, or brass hardware. Otherwise, pick the size that will make your dad’s desk look best, and let him keep his desk and office supplies clean and nice.

Cornhole boards

Game and outdoor-loving dads will likely adore cornhole, a simple game of tossing bean bags onto, or through the holes of, handmade wooden boards. Pick your dad’s favorite colors for the beanbags, and play the game at your Father’s Day celebration!

Personalized docking station

Some dads can be a little forgetful about their keys, glasses, or phones. Give your dad the gift of a place he can keep all of these things, with the option of engraving your own text onto it for a little personalization.

These wooden docking stations are gorgeous and have a place for a phone to charge, along with space for hanging keys, watches and glasses. There are even holes in the back for holding a wallet, change, or anything else your dad can think of.

Cool table lamp

Got a dad with great, rustic taste? Get him this awesome table lamp. The light can dim, and you can select custom socket colors, along with your dad’s favorite wood for the base. A classy gift for a man who loves a good-looking, well-lit space.

Funny mug

For coffee and tea-addicted dads and granddads, get them a nice 11 or 15-ounce mug with a joke to remind them of why Father’s Day 2020 is a unique one. Hopefully, the mug will be a chuckle-worthy memento, rather than a daily constant, soon!

A sports map

Fathers and sports commonly go hand in hand, and you can’t go wrong with merchandise representing your dad’s favorite team. But if he has a love for an entire sport, not just one team, consider getting him a sports map to hang at home.

These maps show the locations of different stadiums, arenas, tours, and teams throughout the U.S. for baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Pick the map of your dad’s favorite sport and let him have fun with it even in the off-season.

Custom wood flash drive

Does your dad have to use a flash drive a lot for work, or personal projects? Get him a wooden USB flash drive with optional engraving to personalize it to him.

Consider getting it delivered to you first, so you can put your favorite family photos or digitized home movies on there before you give it to your dad or husband. Tap or click here for the best ways to digitize old tapes and photos.

Hopefully, this list inspires you for what you can get your dad for Father’s Day, or even another holiday or birthday. It’s the thought that counts, but something homemade and easy to get like the gifts above should be even more loved.

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