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Trade in items for an Amazon credit – Here’s how!

If you’re like me, you shop online at least as often as you go to the store. It’s a lot easier to open your laptop than it is getting in your car, sitting in traffic, circling for a parking spot, and then fighting the crowds.

Of course, you’ve probably been shopping online for a few years. But, here’s a question: Have you sold anything online? (Bonus: Click here to learn the best way to sell things online.)

If not, you’re missing out on a chance to make serious money. You can sell on established sites like Craigslist or eBay, or newer sites like Facebook Marketplace.

Amazon’s trade in feature

You can also trade in items on Amazon like electronics, books, smartphones and more, in an exchange for an Amazon gift card. The best part is, there’s no charge for you. You just pocket some gift card money.

Here’s how Amazon Trade-In works. Start by going to the Amazon Trade-in page (click here).

You can only trade in items that Amazon is currently looking for. Right now, that includes hundreds of thousands of products that are collecting dust in your house, such as books, electronics, games, smart watches, smartphones and several other categories.

How to rack up money on an Amazon gift card

To its credit, Amazon strives to make it easy to shop online or sell products online. The site is well-known for giving you just a few steps to buy something you want or selling something. That’s true of the Amazon Trade-In program, too.

Here’s how Amazon Trade-In works:

  1. Click on the Amazon Trade-In page to see if the item you want to sell is there; if it’s not, Amazon isn’t giving credit for that item right now.
  2. If it’s there, print out a FREE shipping label, then mail the item to Amazon Trade-In.
  3. Amazon Trade-In will review your item to make sure it meets their criteria.

If Amazon needs the item you sent in, they’ll credit your Amazon account in about 10 days with a gift card in the trade-in amount. How easy it that?

So, here’s an idea. Start digging around your closets, the garage and attic for old books, DVDs, electronics and more. Then, head over to Amazon Trade-In. Hey, making money is always a great idea, especially when you need to buy something else!

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