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Track all your holiday gift deliveries in one spot

When it comes to finishing Christmas shopping, buying online has become a popular alternative to battling crowded malls. In fact, online sales are setting all kinds of records this holiday season.

According to Adobe Analytics, Americans spent over $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday this year. Amazon said customers ordered “hundreds of millions” of products between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, and it sold more items on Monday than any other day in the company’s rich history.

That’s a lot of packages to be delivered! Tracking packages has become more precise over the years, but it isn’t perfect; however one app might just remove the guesswork to provide a better idea of exactly where your items are .

Easily track packages with this app

We’re talking about Route, a visual package-tracking app. It takes all the guesswork out of tracking your packages.

Has your item been shipped? Is it stuck in transit? With Route, you will know exactly where your packages are at all times.

The Route app aggregates your online purchases and compiles tracking information in one place. This allows you to visually track, organize and simplify the online shopping experience. Any purchase made directly with a Route merchant will be available to track through the app.

Plus, you can track any online order thanks to Route’s AI technology, RouteBot. It uses machine learning to synchronize with your email accounts (currently Gmail only) and congregates your online orders to be tracked through the Route app.

There are more than 1,700 merchants partnered with Route, so your favorite retailers are likely to be available. Tracking isn’t the only feature offered by Route, either. You can insure packages through Route+ when offered by retailers and file lost, damaged or stolen package claims with just one click.

Here are some of the features you’ll get with the Route app:

  • Visual tracking – Seamlessly track your online orders on a dynamic map.
  • Real-time push notifications – Proactive shipping updates keep you informed from the minute you checkout until your package is delivered.
  • One-click claims – If your package never shows up or arrives damaged, no problem. File a claim in one-click for 1,700+ merchant partners and let Route handle the rest.
  • Universal order history – Route automatically stores and organizes every order for quick review and reorders.
  • Privacy – RouteBot pulls only the necessary information to track your orders and never shares it.

The Route app is free to download. It is currently only available for Apple devices, but it will soon be available for Android users as well. App background

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