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Robbed? Angry shoppers say that this Cyber Monday deal sold out as soon as it began

You probably know by now that so-called Black Friday deals never actually end on Black Friday, right? If you avoided the retail stores and skipped their doorbuster markdowns, you can still get a ton of online deals on Cyber Monday, all within the comforts of your armchair.

The best part about Cyber Monday is that you don’t even need to leave your house or tussle with the crowds and traffic.

But like with any online shopping site, Cyber Monday also has virtual queues and lines. Similar to brick-and-mortar shopping, it’s on a “first come, first served” basis. If you’re not early or quick enough, you might miss out on an item you specifically want.

This is precisely what happened to many disgruntled Cyber Monday shoppers of this particular retailer. Staying up late just to snag a deal is one thing but walking away from your computer empty-handed is way, way worse.

Gone in seconds!

Many frustrated Cyber Monday deal hunters who waited for Walmart’s gaming console deals to open but came out empty handed are now taking their frustrations to social media.

These shoppers were specifically hoping to snag one of the hottest video gaming deals around, probably the best deal of the season – the $199 1TB PlayStation 4/Red Dead Redemption 2/Controller bundle – but apparently, it sold out in mere seconds!

How come? These shoppers did everything right, after all. They burned the midnight oil and they managed to put the prized item in their Walmart online shopping carts before midnight, right before the deal began.

However, in this case, these early birds did not get the early worm, so to speak, since the deal inexplicably sold out as soon as it began.

Now, these angry bargain hunters are all crying foul. Was the demand that high or worse yet, was something else at work?

Theories abound

To vent their frustrations, shoppers have tons of theories floating out there. Some are saying that Walmart’s stock of that particular PS4 bundle was extremely low that they were, of course, gone in a flash.



Another explanation is that shopping bots got them all, to be sold by unscrupulous individuals for a profit later. From launch day iPhones to hot video game consoles, these scalpers can strike anywhere and they tend to ruin the shopping experience for everyone.

But some are suggesting something even more sinister – that in some sort of retail conspiracy, Walmart never had that online deal in the first place.

Was the bundle a “loss leader” that was designed to lure shoppers to the site? We may never know. Walmart has not offered an official explanation to its Cyber Monday snafu yet.

Due to their understandable frustrations, customers even tweeted directly at Walmart’s Twitter account for answers.

Walmart promised earlier that it will have thousands more Cyber Monday deals this year than in 2017 with more available deals on electronics, toys, and home items but alas, it looks like the guy who’s in charge of the PS4/Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle didn’t get the memo.

How about you? Were you frustrated with sold-out Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals this year? What was your experience? Drop us a comment!

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