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Privacy concerns? What you need to know about the new Amazon Echo

It all started with the Amazon Echo. This smart speaker was the first device to be enabled with Alexa. Then came the Echo Dot, the Amazon Tap, and a whole bunch of other smart devices with Alexa built into them.

And now there’s Echo Look and fashionistas are going to love it! It’s a hands-free camera and style assistant that can take head to toe photos. Style icons and fashion lovers will be able to get the perfect picture of their “Outfit of the Day” and help with making decisions on what to wear.

The Echo Look will have all the same capabilities as other Alexa devices but the hook is that this new device can help you look your best. It can take full-length photos and record short 360-degree videos of your clothes. The camera will even blur the background so that you stand out in the photo. You can save these photos to the Echo Look app to create a style book of your wardrobe.

The Style Check feature uses machine learning to gather information from fashion specialists. Based on fashion trends and what looks good on you, it can help you decide between two different outfits.

The price is set at $199.99 but you can’t purchase it just yet. It’s available by invitation only and you can request an invitation in the Echo Look section of If you are selected then they will notify you by email.

Maybe you don’t have a passion for fashion so you can’t see the use in such a device. But surely, this is just the first application that comes along with having a digital assistant with a camera. Imagine security cameras in your home that can use face recognition to identify an intruder and call the police for you. Or a device in your home that can make visual diagnoses when you’re too sick to make it to the doctor’s office.

The possibilities are endless but this also presents several safety concerns. We’ve already told you how the Amazon Echo is always listening, but the addition of a camera could be even more worrisome. Just think about it: If the Echo Look were to get hacked, predators could watch you get dressed and undressed. They could also take inventory of the possessions in your home and listen in on your conversations.

Note: Hackers can already get into webcams. Read these tips for securing your webcam and microphone. You can also disable it all together.

If you do decide to buy this device when it becomes publicly available, then maybe you should keep it in your living room instead of your closet. There is a power button on the side of the device that turns off the mic and camera. But if it’s completely turned off then you won’t be able to give Alexa commands and ask her questions throughout the day. A possible solution could be putting a sticky note over the camera when you’re done using it.

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