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5 winter gifts, gadgets and accessories you can buy on eBay

If you live in certain areas of the U.S., you’ve been battling obnoxiously cold temperatures this winter. Temperatures dropped to as low as minus 56 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the country.

Luckily, for many, things have warmed up over the weekend. But it’s not going to last.

Another blast of cold air is expected to develop early next week. I guess it’s to be expected since it is winter and all. But don’t get left out in the cold. Stay warm with some of these items found on eBay.

eBay items that can help keep you warm

Keep warm with this cozy space heater, $67.09

This space heater isn’t huge but it packs a punch. It blasts out over 5,100 BTUs that gives approximately 150 square feet of coverage.

It has three heat settings: 1,000 watts, 1,500 watts and ECO, which maintains a constant 68 degrees.

Keep your fingers warm while surfing, $6.99

Keeping your fingers warm during winter can be a struggle. Even if you’re bundled up in with your favorite blanket, chances are your hands and fingers are still cold, especially if you’re trying to get some work done on the computer.

Well, no more. This USB wired mouse is actually designed to keep your palms and fingers warm. How cool is that!?

It has three temperature levels that can be adjusted for your comfort. Plus, its ergonomic design will help make this your favorite mouse.

Make sure that drink stays hot, $28

A great way to warm up during those nasty cold spells is with a nice hot cup of Joe. And nothing is better at keeping drinks hot, or cold, than a Yeti.

This 20-ounce tumbler is the perfect travel companion for both winter and summer. It even comes with a lid that easily slides open and closed to keep spills from happening.

Don’t let the cold air keep you from your favorite music or podcast, $9.72

Staying warm and entertained has never been easier! This beanie hat has Bluetooth capabilities and can connect to your favorite music source wirelessly.

It even has a built-in mic so you can talk on the phone with hands-free calling.

Keep your feet nice and toasty, $12.27

Frostbite is no joke, folks. The last thing you want is to be tromping around out in the snow and end up losing a toe from frostbite.

Don’t worry, these 35 Below Socks can help. They use specialized technology developed for aerospace to create soft, lightweight socks that keep your feet warm and dry in any weather. Perfect for when you’re out shoveling snow, skiing, or just goofing around outside in the dead of winter.

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