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Forget eBay and Facebook Marketplace – Try this app to buy and sell

Have you ever heard of the popular online marketplace apps OfferUp and letgo? If you haven’t, they’re competitors of eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Recently, OfferUp purchased letgo and has integrated it into its platform.

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Both OfferUp and letgo gave users the ability to buy and sell stuff, but each app worked a little differently. Now, the two platforms are one, and the new OfferUp works differently than everything that’s come before it. It’s bigger than ever before and is becoming the go-to place to buy and sell stuff online. We have details of the OfferUp/letgo merger and exactly what you can do on the new platform today.

How has OfferUp changed since the letgo acquisition?

After raising over a reported $120 million dollars to acquire competitor letgo, OfferUp announced plans to combine the marketplaces into one but did not mention specifics. Today, the new app is called “OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Letgo.” with the letgo logo emblazoned beneath the OfferUp logo on the application’s icon. You can download OfferUp for free on both iOS and Android devices.

Since the app is live, we now know how everything works in OfferUp’s new marketplace. Now letgo users will have access to nationwide shipping and OfferUp’s safety programs.

Previously letgo listings were limited to 30 days before expiring, but with OfferUp, listings never expire. If you were a letgo user, you will utilize your existing letgo account to create a new OfferUp account. Information like reputation, ratings, sales, purchase history, and join date will transfer over, but items listed will not.

If you happened to be in the middle of a letgo transaction, there is a legacy site where those transactions can be completed. However, the legacy site will only be live until September 21, 2020, so you best act quickly if you’re aiming to complete any transactions.

For paid subscribers of letgo, your subscription has been canceled and you now have the option of signing up for OfferUp’s Promote Plus service, but there’s no transitioning over from the old subscription to the new one.

Some of letgo’s marketplace categories have been cut from the new OfferUp app. There are no longer jobs, services, or rental listings, and gift cards are no longer available either. Furthermore, service in Canada will no longer be supported as OfferUp has yet to launch there.

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What can you do with the OfferUp app?

OfferUp’s pitch is simple: ditch the classified ads, Craigslist, and garage sales and come on over to OfferUp, the best place to buy sell and stuff in your community.

The app is easy to use and lets you post items in seconds. You can buy and sell almost anything like clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics, kids items, sports equipment, used cars and more. It’s aimed at displaying listings local to you, and you can use reputation features to check out sellers before you make a purchase.

Another goal of OfferUp is to provide a safe space to communicate with sellers, and to do this, it provides its own secure messaging service in the app. That means you never have to worry about giving out your email or phone number.

Both OfferUp and letgo were already leaders in the online marketplace world. Now that the two have combined, there are millions of listings out there. And just like eBay, there’s tons of information available about sellers.

Plus, OfferUp doesn’t have a dated, awkward interface. And unlike Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp doesn’t require loads of personal information in order to sell your stuff. OfferUp also lists items in the style of popular retail outlets like Amazon instead of classified ad sites like Craigslist, so it’s much easier to navigate.

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