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Mack Weldon underwear, socks, shirt and pants

Upgrade your wardrobe with high-tech basics you’ll love wearing

Presented by Mack Weldon - Mack Weldon, the brand reinventing men's basics

Presented by Mack Weldon - Mack Weldon, the brand reinventing men's basics

For 20% off your first order of men's basics, visit and use the promo code "KIM" at checkout.

I’m always looking for a deal. Lucky for you, I like to pass great deals along to my readers and listeners.

Sometimes a deal means scoring something for free, or I do my best to get you a big discount on products I love and think you will like, too.

Let me introduce you to a new sponsor of my national radio show, Mack Weldon.

I have some pretty special guys in my life, and Mack Weldon is the brand I turn to for buying them great basics they’ll wear over and over. You never hear me talk about clothes, but this brand really is outstanding.

Mack Weldon makes hoodies, underwear, polos, sweatpants active shorts made from super soft premium fabrics. Everything looks good enough to wear out, but it’s comfy enough to feel like pajamas.

Mike, The Kim Komando Show producer, wears their dry-knit shirts hiking. It gets hot in Arizona, and their patented fabric helps him stay cool, dry and comfortable.

Whether you’re working out, at the office, or on a date, Mack Weldon will have you looking great with their wide-range of customized fabrics.

I love this part, and I know you will, too. Check out their free loyalty program called Weldon Blue. Level One gets you free shipping for life just by placing a single order. Reach Level Two by spending $200 and get 20% off every order for the next year.

They stand behind their products in a big way. Order a pair of underwear and if you don’t like them, keep them and they’ll still refund you, no questions asked.

For 20% off your first order, visit and use promo code KIM. It’s super important you use that code. You’ll save money, and it shows Mack Weldon where you heard about these great basics. App background

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