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Shopping tip: What to do if your Amazon delivery is late

Technology has removed, in many cases, the need to go out to physical shops to buy items. Online retailers like Amazon come in handy when you don’t want to run to the store.

If you’re not a Prime member, the shipping rate can depend on the urgency of receiving the items. Some people don’t mind waiting a couple of days, but most want their package delivered as soon as possible.

But what happens when you pay for faster shipping and it’s late or never arrives? Not only will you be without your items, but you lost some money as well. Luckily, there are some ways in which you can at least get your money back. Even if you bought something from a third party that you aren’t happy with.

Amazon’s terms and conditions

Several things can go wrong in the shipping process. If you are an Amazon Prime member, this affords you some perks when something isn’t working out.

You might be entitled to a refund if you use the faster shipping option at checkout or paid for shipping when you don’t have a Prime subscription. There are certain conditions, though, as pointed out on Amazon’s Guaranteed Delivery Terms and Conditions.

The delivery refund for late goods can only be claimed if Amazon provided a guaranteed delivery date on the checkout page. Here is the criteria for a delivery refund:

  • Order is shipped to an eligible address.
  • The order was placed before “order within” countdown listed on the checkout page.
  • If your items aren’t eligible for guaranteed delivery, and you selected “Ship my items as they become available” instead.
  • Your credit or debit card must be successfully charged.

There is one caveat that you must be aware of. Attempted delivery on or before the guaranteed delivery date will meet Amazon’s delivery guarantee. So, if an attempt was made to deliver the package and for some reason wasn’t completed, you won’t be eligible for a delivery refund.

Extended free shipping on Amazon goods

To mitigate the risk of losing money, why not go for no delivery fee? Amazon has an option where you can get free shipping if you meet certain conditions.

  • You must place an order of $25 on items shipped by Amazon. This means that third-party products won’t entitle you to the free extended shipping.
  • Select free Shipping during checkout.
  • You can then use the extended free shipping for the next 24 hours without an order minimum. It will only apply to eligible items to your cart and must be shipped to the same address as your first order.

What to do when your Amazon order is late

Not hitting that delivery deadline can be a headache. So, if you think that you are entitled to a delivery refund, Amazon set up a page for that.

To inquire about a refund of the shipping fees you paid on an order, contact Amazon here and click the Start chatting now button. Amazon’s messaging assistant will ask what it can help you with. Select An Item I Ordered. Next, select your order, then Problem with an order > Shipping or delivery issues > Shipment is late.

Explain the situation to the agent while having all your order details handy. The rep will tell you what options you have to resolve the issue.

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