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Kim’s tech gifts for grandparents

It’s the giving season, and you are no doubt on the lookout for some great deals this winter. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with some of the best tech deals from Amazon.

Today, we want to share some of the best tech gifts this season for those who have been there with us from the start. Here’s to our grandparents.

Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror, $129, Amazon

This is a gaudy gadget for the grandpa that wants to stay looking good.

In your golden years, you should learn to pamper yourself with the items that you worked all your life for. Getting this as a gift would be even better!

Americanflat Bronze Family Tree Frame, $39.95, Amazon

I don’t need to swab my saliva into some tube and pay to send it off to a testing lab to know my family tree and the history that my family has brought with them to this country.

This elegant frame serves as a chatter-worthy centerpiece but it also becomes a daily point of pride. To actually see your favorite pictures of loved-ones is a powerful way to start or end your day.

Owl Car Cam, $324.49, Amazon

What love about this item is that it’s not just a dashcam … it’s way more.

Get ready for the laundry list of features that the Owl has at its disposal. It has inside/outside-facing HD cameras (1440/720p), amazing low-light performance, plus a 14-day video loop that you can access from your phone. Owl also has a pulsing patented “Anti-Theft Security Beacon.” I know, it’s loaded.

You might think this would be great for your 16-year-old but I think it’s better for the 76-year-old.

Awair 2nd Edition – Air Quality Monitor, $169.65, Amazon

Where do Grandma and Grandpa live?

Well, if they live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, good news from the American Lung Association! Cheyenne can claim the cleanest ozone around the clock.

The flip side? You guessed it. The smog of Los Angeles is the most polluted metropolitan area in our country. Don’t believe me? Just click here for research from experts.

No matter where your grandparents live, this air-quality monitor is great way to know exactly what your older loved-ones are breathing in. This tiny titan of tech power tracks toxins, chemicals, fine dust, CO2, humidity and temperature. 

Grandparents House Rules Chalkboard, $5.99,  Amazon

At times, I can’t help myself from a cliche sounding gift. Alright, here it goes. This gift is literally a sign of the times.

See what I did there? Clever, very clever. 

This gift is great as it bolsters an old-school worded sense of warmth and security, at the same time each chance that I read it I feel something that conjures up the good old days way back when. 

Older loved-ones will smile and you will too at the price of this picture perfect poster. App background

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