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Is Amazon’s Echo exposing your kids to explicit music?

Have you joined the trend like many others who are turning their place into a “smart home?” This, of course, means a home that is equipped with electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by a computer or phone.

It’s becoming so common that a world of virtual assistants has opened up. Instead of tapping an app to play your music, then another app to put on your lights, and yet another to turn down the thermostat, you can just do all that from a single home hub.

One of the most popular virtual assistants is Amazon’s Alexa. Unfortunately, there’s an issue with Alexa that could make it unsuitable for kids.

Should children have access to Amazon’s Alexa?

I’m talking about children being exposed to inappropriate content through Alexa enabled devices. What’s happening is, Amazon gadgets like the Echo, Echo Dot and Fire Tablet could be giving kids access to uncensored music that has graphic language.

You might be wondering how this could happen?

It’s very easy to explain. If you are an Amazon Music Unlimited user and connect the service to your Alexa enabled gadget, all of its content is accessible to everyone within range.

This makes it super convenient to listen to music anytime the feeling strikes. Simply make a request like, “Alexa play the all blues station,” and voila, you’ll instantly be listening to blues music.

The problem is this, there are no parental control features that would allow you to block songs that contain explicit lyrics. So, if for example, your 11-year-old niece asks Alexa to play the Top Dance station, there’s no way of keeping inappropriate songs from playing.

Other services like Pandora Radio and Apple Music offer parental guidance features that help alleviate this issue.

Amazon understands this might be a problem. The online retail giant told “The Telegraph,” “We currently do not have an explicit lyric filter on Amazon Music, but are working on a solution.”

The company did not elaborate on what that solution might be. Amazon’s Music Unlimited plan is intended for those over 13 years old only, but there’s not really a way to enforce that with Alexa enabled devices.

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