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How Amazon’s Alexa can take your Valentine’s Day to the next level

Valentine’s Day is saddled with great expectations. If you’re in a relationship, you might be tasked with planning an elaborate dinner. If you’re single, you might just want to stay inside with a good book. Whatever your Valentine’s Day style is, chances are Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant can help you out with this special day dedicated to all things love.

Amazon is also discounting its lineup of voice gadgets ahead of Valentine’s Day, so there’s still time to get Alexa up and running before the big day.

Set the mood

Let’s say you’re staying in. Maybe you’re planning to show off your cooking skills and whip up a romantic dinner. You’re going to be busy in the kitchen, so let Alexa handle setting the mood. If you have smart bulbs hooked up, then you can ask Alexa to lower the lights.

Next, it’s time to get the right music playing. You can request your favorite romantic artist, like John Mayer, Whitney Houston, Kenny G, or The Temptations. If you’re not set on a single artist, then ask for a more generalized playlist by trying “Alexa, play romantic music,” “Alexa, play love songs” or “Alexa, play piano music.”

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Dine in or dine out

It’s okay if you’re not a great chef. Alexa can still help you out with having a romantic meal in. If you live in the Amazon Restaurants delivery service area, then you can try out a command like “Alexa, order Italian food from Amazon Restaurants.” Alexa will check your previous order history and suggest meals based on what you’ve had before. If that doesn’t meet your needs, then you can always visit Amazon Restaurants online and order up exactly what you want.

You can also use Alexa to find restaurants near you. Does your date love Thai food? Say, “Alexa, what are some Thai restaurants near me?” Make it a dinner-and-a-movie night by asking, “Alexa, what are some romance movies playing near me?”

If you want to keep it casual, then enable the Alexa skill for your favorite pizza delivery place. National chains Pizza Hut and Domino’s both work with the voice assistant.

Easter eggs

Yes, Alexa has plenty of fun Easter eggs for Valentine’s Day. Try these entertaining commands:

  • Alexa, who is your Valentine?
  • Alexa, Happy Singles Awareness Day.
  • Alexa, will you be my Valentine?
  • Alexa, tell me a Valentine’s Day joke.
  • Alexa, tell me a love story.
  • Alexa, who is your celebrity crush?
  • Alexa, what is love?
  • Alexa, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?
  • Alexa, sing me a love song.

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Fall in love with these skills

Besides Alexa’s built-in features, you can also turn on some skills that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Be My Valentine

“Alexa, enable the Be My Valentine skill.” If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, then let Alexa be your date. This skill triggers a sequence of compliments that are a delightful mix of sweet and goofy. Just respond to the prompts to hear Alexa tell you how fabulous you are, how she would vote for you in an election, and how symmetrical your face is. This skill is a funny pick-me-up that will make you smile.

Get a Valentine in 30 Days

“Alexa, enable Get a Valentine in 30 Days skill.” Matchmaking company Three Day Rule offers up this skill that aims to give you useful advice for your love life. You can say, “Alexa, ask Three Day Rule for today’s tip.”

An example of a tip is Three Day Rule’s explanation of how people have different love languages and knowing how your own personal love language works can help you build a meaningful relationship. You don’t have to take all these dating tips to heart, but you might find something useful here that resonates with you.

Valentine’s Day Facts

“Alexa, open Valentine’s Day Facts.” This simple skill features 20 interesting facts about Valentine’s Day. You might hear about how people in Victorian times thought it was bad luck to sign a Valentine’s card or you could learn more about the origins of the holiday. It’s an easy way to get your mind in the mood to celebrate.

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