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Holiday Shopping Alert: Amazon changes shipping rates for everyone

It happens all the time, and it’s so annoying! You’re shopping on Amazon and when you check out, you see the added fee for shipping. Some items qualify for free shipping individually, but otherwise, your order must be at least $25 to avoid this fee.

This only applies to non-Prime members, of course, (Prime members get free two-day shipping on most items, among other perks) and if you’re looking to buy gifts online through Amazon, this can lead to extra purchases that are more than you are willing to spend.

Thankfully, Amazon has something special in store for the holiday shopper.

Amazon free shipping just got better

Amazon announced that it will drop the $25 minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping during this year’s holiday shopping rush.

Yep, you heard that right – no minimum purchase required for everyone, even non-Prime members, to get free shipping.

Normally, non-Prime members had to scramble and add up to $25 worth of items just to avoid shipping fees. The minimum amount to qualify for free shipping has fluctuated over the years, from a high of $49 to the $25 minimum today.

Well, now, at least for the holidays, no more worrying about what throwaway $3 dollar add-on for your cart, you’ll automatically get free shipping!

Although free non-Prime shipping is still slow at five to eight days compared to Prime’s two-day delivery, nothing beats free.

Amazon boasts hundreds of millions of products that are available for free shipping, the largest selection among US retailers. Chances are, if you’re looking for something in particular, you can find it available to ship for free on Amazon!

More Prime Free Same-Day delivery items

Aside from opening up free shipping for everyone, Amazon also announced that it is expanding its Prime Free Same-Day delivery items from 1 million to 3 million. The coverage of Prime Free Same-Day delivery has also been widened to serve tens of millions of U.S. Prime members.

Keep in mind that Prime members still need to reach the $35 minimum to qualify for Prime Free Same-Day deliveries.

It starts today

So when does this start? This perk starts today, November 5, and will run until the Christmas Day delivery cutoff, which is December 22.

According to Reuters, this is the first time in history that Amazon has dropped the purchase minimum to qualify for free super-saver shipping.

This is obviously Amazon’s response to other retailers, like Target and Best Buy, who are offering free holiday shipping deals with no minimum purchase to all customers.

Needless to say, this holiday season is starting to shape up as a tight race among all retailers, online and brick-and-mortar alike, to get your gift-giving dollars.

And why not? Based on surveys and reports, this year’s holiday shopping rush will be one of the biggest ever and online shopping will play a more prominent role. It’ll be interesting how the holiday shopping wars will play out this time.

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