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5 ways to get free shipping when you shop online

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to save as much as you can. Pricey items and services often come with affordable alternatives that work just as well. Tap or click here for 15 things you didn’t know you can get for free.

We’ve got a rule around here: If you can only get free shipping through a monthly or annual membership fee, you can hardly call it “free.” What’s the best way to score this gift-giving season without the hidden costs?

Shopping comparison sites are great, but the stuff that we want to buy often isn’t on the list. What’s the best way to get free shipping when and where you need it most? Here are five ways you can get free shipping when shopping online. 

1. Use Honey to scope great deals and offers

Honey is the bee’s knees when it comes to a universal coupon and offer tool. Our favorite way to use it is as a browser extension, which automatically farms each site you visit for promo codes and other useful perks. Sometimes, free shipping may be among them.

To use Honey everywhere you shop online, you’ll need to download and install the browser extension, available for all major browsers. Visit the site and click Join at the top-right. After signing up, follow the prompts to install the browser extension. It’ll be there with you no matter where you shop — Amazon, Walmart or otherwise.

Most of what you’ll find includes cashback offers and other coupons, with plenty of opportunities to get your stuff shipped to you for free. It’s awesome because it’s always searching for deals for you. Try your luck and reap those sweet, sweet rewards.

2. Check out

This aptly-named website is dedicated to helping patrons like you find the best deals for all major online retailers. Few are excluded from this incredibly diverse bunch. Search for your favorite online brand on the homepage, and its entry will be complete with rebates, coupon codes and other lucrative offers.

After finding the site you’re after, click through the site’s Shop Now button to get in on the action. Following your purchase, cashback and other discounts will be applied to your cart, as will any free shipping perks accessible through this service. This site is great for those with lots of retail spots on their list.

3. Use in-store pickup

Did you know that many of the most popular online stores actually completely negate their shipping fee if you pick up your purchase in-store? Macy’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kohl’s and even high-end stores like Nordstrom all offer free in-store pickup when you shop online.

To opt-in, you’ll usually need to specify your preference at checkout. Simple enough, right? If you’ve got a branch local to you, it’s the best way to have your cake and eat it, too.

4. Sign up for may be the ultimate solution for anybody that does the majority of their shopping online. This service offers free shipping and even things like free returns when doing business with any of the affiliate partners in the site’s network.

Membership is free, and the brand actually collaborates with a number of other services. Your PayPal, MasterCard, Chase and American Express accounts may all come free with a premium connection here. Inquire within or simply sign up on the platform’s website.

5. Price match with

Finally, we have to recommend one of the most widely-used price comparison tools. can help you find the best deal for everything from furniture to electronics to fashion. More importantly, it can be used to determine whether an item’s price includes shipping, assisting you in the way of finding the best bang for your buck.

It may not be the most direct avenue into free shipping, but this site definitely cuts to the chase in terms of your eventual bottom line. Sign up and give it a shot —why pay more when you could be paying nothing at all?

How to find free shipping online

Free trial memberships, once-in-a-blue-moon offers and special promotions can all help you shave precious dollars and cents off of your order’s total. Try the above tips this holiday season to ensure your dollar stretches as far as possible.

We’ve also got a guide full of best practices and safety tips that anyone can use. Tap or click here for tips on how to stay safe when shopping online.

Happy holidays, and best of luck to bargain hunters on a mission this season. 

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