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Prime shipping returns Amazon Kohl's

Drop off your Amazon returns with this big-name retail chain

You’re trying to concentrate, but it’s hard to focus on work. You keep looking at the clock on the wall near your desk and it’s like the hands aren’t even moving.

You finally leave the office, and rush home to find the Amazon package you’ve been waiting a whole 2 days for sitting on your porch. You almost forget to put the car into park as you dash over to tear open the box – only to find they sent you the wrong thing.

Great. The excitement is over and now you’re just thinking about the painful process of arranging a pickup, printing a shipping label (that you’ll probably have to pay for), then getting everything boxed-back up. Or even more horrifying — the thought of having to take it to a FedEx or UPS Store. Worry no more, because now there’s a fairly painless new option for Amazon returns, and you can do a little more shopping while you’re at it.

Online shopping with brick-and-mortar convenience

A couple years ago, Amazon and Kohl’s began a partnership of sorts for a pilot program. At about 100 Kohl’s brick-and-mortar stores in Chicago, Los Angeles and Milwaukee, customers could return purchases they made through Amazon, even if they no longer had the shipping boxes.

The two companies apparently saw positive results from the trial, because now the ability to return Amazon purchases is expanding to all 1,150-plus Kohl’s stores around the country this summer. There’s no charge for the service, or return shipping.




It seems to make pretty good business sense. For Amazon, it makes it easier to return some of those … regrettable Prime purchases. Yeah, would you believe drunk shopping is a billion dollar industry on Amazon? Read more about that here.

It’s also good for Kohl’s, since that means more potential shoppers entering its stores. Maybe it’s not so fun for employees at the return desk, but the hope is you return a toaster you bought on Amazon and leave with a brand-new patio set.

Steps for returning your Amazon purchase at Kohl’s

Here’s how it works:

Here’s something to keep in mind: it has to be an “eligible” item. That could be a problem if you bought something on Amazon from a third-party seller. Click or tap here for Amazon’s return policies.

Returns aren’t the only way Amazon has its foot in the door at Kohl’s. Amazon products like the Echo smart speakers and Fire TV are also being sold in about 200 stores. There’s been no indication if that will also be expanding.




You can start taking Amazon returns to Kohl’s this July. And move over, handicapped spaces. Kohl’s is even setting up reserved parking spots for quick drop-offs. I guess it’s like Prime for returns.

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