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Delivery wars heat up with new (and affordable!) grocery subscription plan

Since the end of April, it’s seemingly been update after update with expanded delivery options from major retailers. That’s great for all of us, as the big names like Amazon, Walmart and Target try to best one another with new or enhanced options from faster delivery to cheaper rates.

First, Amazon rolled out Prime Free One Day delivery on millions of products which was followed by Walmart’s free, albeit more limited, NextDay delivery option. Then Amazon revealed drone delivery was coming “within months,” while Walmart announced plans to put groceries in your refrigerator as a challenge to the Amazon Key program.

Then, last week, Target expanded its same-day delivery service on thousands of items including groceries. Now, another grocery delivery option is here that aims to make this retailer’s service more convenient and much more affordable.

A busy two months for Walmart

I think it’s safe to say Walmart has been aggressive in the expansion of delivery options over the last two months. For instance, NextDay and its advantage over Amazon with no subscription fee as long as you meet the minimum purchase requirements.

Its InHome grocery delivery option is bold and is set to begin in some areas this fall. Other details, including pricing on that service, will arrive closer to launch.

Then there are Walmart’s current grocery options where you can either place your order online and opt for free curbside pickup or pay up to $10 to have them delivered to your home. And it’s the latter that it’s focusing on now with its new Delivery Unlimited subscription plan.

Walmart’s new grocery subscription plan

With Delivery Unlimited, you no longer have to pay for each grocery delivery. Instead, you can either pay $12.95 a month or $98 per year. The annual plan averages to a little over $8 monthly, which is considerably less than the $12.95 option — especially if you use the service more than once a month.

If you already shop for Walmart groceries online, the process is still the same. Shop via the Walmart Grocery app, checkout and select a time to pick it up or have it dropped off.

While there’s been no official announcement from Walmart about Delivery Unlimited, it already has an FAQ section on its website. At the top, it says “there’s a good chance Delivery Unlimited is in your area. Check to see if your address is eligible by entering the necessary details for a free trial.”

Grocery delivery plans compared

Delivery Unlimited is not a groundbreaking service, as there are other similarly-priced options available. Below is a breakdown of those services:

Walmart Delivery Unlimited

  • Price: 15-day free trial period then $12.95 per month OR $98 annually on orders $30 or more (InHome service will most likely come as an added charge)
  • Benefits: The service is/will be available in many areas across the country, and Walmart works with a number of delivery services.
  • Learn more at Walmart’s website

Amazon Prime/Whole Foods

  • Price: $119 Prime membership AND add an optional $15 to access Amazon Fresh
  • Benefits: It’s still rolling out to more cities, where Prime members can choose pickup or delivery. It’s a higher annual fee, but Prime also comes with fast shipping on Amazon’s main site, along with other perks like Amazon Prime Video, ebooks and more.
  • Learn more at Amazon’s website


  • Price: 2 weeks free when signing up as an annual member, which costs $99 OR $14 per month for orders of $35 or more
  • Benefits: This was just expanded to offer same-day service for $9.99 per order if you’re not looking to subscribe.
  • Learn more at Target’s website


  • Price: 14-day free trial, then $9.99 per month OR $99 annually for orders of $35 or more (Non-membership price begins at $3.99 per delivery)
  • Benefits: This service delivers from a variety of grocery stores and other businesses, varying by location.
  • Learn more at Instacart’s website

Try one of the services, or give each a chance to see which works best for you and your family.

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