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Use this site to buy or sell a car without a dealership

There’s never a bad time to make some extra money, and selling stuff online is one way to supplement your income. You have a wealth of options to choose from and can complete your sales without leaving home.

People will always need transportation and there’s a huge marketplace for automobile sales and the pandemic has caused a shortage of new cars. This is a good time to sell your used car, as prices are climbing. Perhaps you are working from home and not using your car so much. Tap or click here to check out which vehicles retain the most value.

Just as you would with buying and selling furniture, you have online options when it comes to cars. You don’t have to be there in person to make the transaction. We’ll show you how to buy or sell a car online without putting yourself at risk.

Check out this site

Online automotive transactions are nothing new. You can get a car or unload your own without going through the hassle of dealerships. And if you have concerns about COVID, selling or buying a car online minimizes your contact with others.

Tred is an online marketplace for cars. Check it out at If you’re a buyer you can search for a car, discuss your choice with the seller and complete the transaction online. You can even schedule a test drive.

You can pay for the car using funds from your bank, cash, wire, credit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House). Tred also offers financing options. Once the sale is complete you can pick up the car or have it delivered ready to drive without needing to go to the DMV.

For sellers

If you’re selling a car on Tred, the site broadcasts your listing across a network of popular car buying sites including Autotrader,,, Kelley Blue Book and TrueCar, among others. You also get a free CarFax report.

When the transaction is complete, you can release the car to the buyer without having to jump through hoops at the DMV. If you’re not sure about selling your car, check its value on the site and sign up for monthly updates on what similar cars sell for.

Don’t have a car to sell? Tap or click here for tips on making money by selling your old tech products.

Safety first

Both buyers and sellers’ identifications are verified by Tred before any transaction. A vehicle history check assures that buyers know what they’re getting into and Tred will pay off the seller’s loan if needed so buyers are guaranteed a title.

Payment is secured electronically through the site itself. Looking for a Subaru? Tap or click here to see if it made the recent recall.

More money in your pocket

Whether you’re buying or selling, Tred’s low fee gets you better deals. The site claims that sellers get an average of 30% above dealer trade-ins while buyers pay an average of 30% less than dealer list prices.

The site’s fee for the seller is $99 or .99% of the selling price, whichever is higher. Buyers saved an average of nearly $7,000 according to the last 60 days of transactions processed by Tred.

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