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Amazon isn’t always the best pick – how to find better tech deals fast

Amazon prices have ticked up recently. We’re not just talking about inflation. Tap or click here to find out why and a few ways to save money.

If you shop for the same products at different retailers, you can sometimes find better deals and save a few dollars. It’s true. Amazon isn’t always the most affordable option, especially on tech items.

Keep reading for sites that help you save on tech and a few money-saving tips.

Sites to buy tech for less

Let’s go through a quick lighting round of where you can find better tech deals. Then, we’ll get on to the money-saving tips.

  • eBay – Love it or hate it, eBay has excellent prices.
  • Overstock – Tech is in shorter supply here, but home electronics can be found for less.
  • Newegg – Need PC parts or small electronics? Save money here.
  • AliExpress – You must be careful with which deals you take, but there’s money to be saved.
  • Walmart – They’re constantly competing with Amazon; you can reap the rewards.
  • Target – When you break through the home department deals, you can find house electronics for low prices.
  • Rakuten – Be alerted when deals pop up and save money with special promotions.

Tips to save money on tech

We all want the greatest piece of tech. But let’s slow down for a second. Does it need to be new? Most of the time, the answer is no. You can find plenty of secondhand electronics that work perfectly fine. Here are some clever ways to save on tech.

Buy from secondhand marketplaces like eBay. Users typically need money quickly and sell items at lower prices. Sign up to get notifications from Facebook Marketplace for technology sales in your area. Consider Craigslist to get a fast deal on tech and electronics.

Use tools like Groupon to get deals on small electronics, batteries and devices. Buy direct from manufacturer websites. Prices may only fluctuate by a few percentage points, but it saves money either way.

Sign up for brand newsletters

In a perfect world, every brand or manufacturer would be able to sell 100% direct-to-consumer. That way, they aren’t paying fees or marketplace prices for sites like Amazon.

Companies can sell direct to consumers with email newsletters, which don’t rely on a platform with algorithms. It’s direct to you.

You can often find free coupon codes as a thank-you for signing up for a newsletter while gaining access to subscriber-only deals that aren’t publicly available to others.

Last-minute tips: Be wary of warranties and installation prices

Amazon is partnered with Asurion. It’s a warranty company that you may have seen before when you try to add something to your Amazon cart. These warranties don’t cover much, so they aren’t always worth the price.

Certain pieces of tech will come with an optional (and somewhat pricey) installation. Consider setting up the item yourself to save money.

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